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  1. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

  2. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    Hi KevvyLava, I use FL Studio 12
  3. vaxe9177

    Post your very first map here!

    Here is my very first card that I never finished by the way.
  4. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

  5. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    Oh yes ! I had never heard about this mod, it's annoying lol Yes it's true, when I have a little time I will rectify this.
  6. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    Thanks KevvyLava for your comment, I took note of your comment about ammunition, do you play with the mod Brutal DooM or Vanilla ? I take this opportunity to share this with you, it's part of the creation of the wad for the map01 The music is created by myself
  7. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    Ok, merci ! thank you ! Sorry my speaking english is very bad, but I'm going to make an effort !
  8. vaxe9177

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    Hello guys ! I use the WAD Plutonia for my work & I recommend the Brutal DooM mod. I come here to present you my work, which is only in its infancy I also work on (& the) music. It's a unique level for the moment, This is a slaughter card for purists I don't know if it works on all ports like Boom & Chocolate because I only use one port (GZDooM) Sorry for my English, I use a translator :/ MooD WAD Beta (17/09/2020) I've added a texture in the wad (of a skull stack) on the walls using SLADE