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  1. Kes Gaming YT

    How would you sort the Doom 2 monsters?

    It is kind of a D-tier word, huh?
  2. I'm glad I had the opportunity to playtest this, looking forward to playing through the full release soon!
  3. Exactly. Past, present, and most likely, future.
  4. "The past"? Final Fantasy 16 much?
  5. Kes Gaming YT

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Not very. I'll just keep offering ale until he gets annoyed and goes away.
  6. Kes Gaming YT

    Just finished Final Doom. Any wad recommendations?

    Oh, there is more than double that number. ;)
  7. Kes Gaming YT

    Do you do any drugs?

    I've dabbled in a few from time to time, but the only one I've found any lasting interest in is good ol' Hemp.
  8. Kes Gaming YT

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    I'm a Christian, so I think the "meaning" of life is to emulate Christ. I don't remember who said it, but a quote I've heard a few times is "First love God... and then do as you please." with the idea being that if you love God, it'll direct your actions to live in a way that pleases him. That's a lot easier said than done though, because you're still human, and if you're anything like me, you can be a very stubborn one, lol! But with that as a template, I think the rest is pretty much up to you. Life seems sort of like a sandbox, with everyone started off at different levels, in different biomes with access to varying degrees of resources and skills. If you can find something you enjoy doing, and find a way to glorify God with it, while avoiding some of life's more erroneous pitfalls, than you're in about the best position you can be.
  9. Kes Gaming YT

    Fastest Shovels 3

    What a cool project! Looking forward to playing this in the future!
  10. Kes Gaming YT

    So, how old are you ?

    Turning 24 this June. 🙃
  11. Kes Gaming YT

    Steamboat Willie enters Public Domain in 2024

    I've been saying this for a while, but the copyright law is an absolute joke. Even before Disney started all their BS, it has always been a total and complete scam. Consider patent law for a moment. If someone secures the patent for something they invented, be it a new life-changing medicine, a new production method, or whatever, they have exclusive rights to it for the next 20 years. After that, it becomes property of the public for anyone to use. But if that same person were to write a life-changing song? Oh, they have rights to it for life, plus 70 years after that to whomever it is bequeathed. That's insane. Even if we were to ignore how much more difficult it is to secure a patent than a copyright, the fact that as a society are sending the indirect message that the creation of media is more important and thus deserves far more protection than the invention of something new? Please. Even if you were to take the counterargument that "well, inventions are actually important, people build off of them and they're in the best interest of society to make them as widely available as possible" you'd not only be right, but that argument rings even more true for copyright. Virtually all music, films, games, literature, etc is all based on something that came before, indeed, many of Disney's earlier works borrowed largely from works in the public domain. And as a result of oppressive copyright laws influenced by Big Media™ and foreign treaties, creativity in the modern era is stifled and largely unoriginal. I think we as the Doom community serve as one of the largest pieces of evidence for this as well. Just look at all the countless projects, mods, levels, whathaveyou, all possible thanks to the source code for Doom being released to the public. I invite you to imagine a world where Copyright Equality existed. Where all created media only had a 20-year exclusivity period, just like patent law. Think of all the games that we could be taking apart and reverse-engineering. Think of all the 80's music we could use in whatever way we chose instead of having to pay out the rear side in licensing fees for a 40-year-old song. Think of what could be built, think of the newfound freedoms... think of the modding. Anyway, rant aside, until people are actually serious about reforming real problems like this instead of petty nonsense like whether we set the clocks back or not, this problem will only continue to grow and cause further issues.
  12. Kes Gaming YT

    Steamboat Willie enters Public Domain in 2024

    Although, hilariously, Winnie the Pooh wearing a red shirt is still under copyright protection.
  13. Kes Gaming YT

    Sight & Sound Greatest Films Of All-Time 2022

    I feel the exact, same way about The Godfather. It just drags on and on, for the life of me I cannot understand why everyone likes those movies so much.
  14. I'm currently 23 and trying to buck the family tradition of males becoming overweight in their late 20s-early 30s. I don't really worry about what I eat, I just maintain a certain level of portion control, and I only eat about two meals a day. I also mostly cook for myself, only eating out maybe once, twice a week? And it's usually something from the cheaper side of the menu too. Add to that I try to maintain a certain level of morning exercises, 20 pushups, 25 situps, 2 km walk, etc. Simply in order to keep toned. It takes more time out of your day, and the routine can grow tiresome, but you do feel a whole lot better in general and don't worry about your weight much.
  15. Kes Gaming YT

    Action Doom: Rampage Edition

    Just tried it and I can confirm it doesn't happen on 4.8.2.