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  1. Kes Gaming YT

    Condolences to my Pet's Passing.

    Very sorry to hear that. May he rest in peace.
  2. Kes Gaming YT

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    You sick monster.
  3. Kes Gaming YT

    Can cannabis be discussed here?

    If you live in the States, and regular cannabis is illegal in your state, I'd recommend you check out Delta-8, and some of its variants. It's legal in several states, you can often even buy it in gas stations. That being said, you should do your research on a brand before trying it, there's little regulation and so some are FAR better than others. Like Get Lost Hemp. ;)
  4. Kes Gaming YT

    How'd ya post maps to the downloads tab? [ANSWERED]

    Why is it broken?
  5. Kes Gaming YT

    What was your first console?

    My parents never allowed game consoles growing up. My mother thought they were a waste of time, so the only time I ever played games was on a computer. The very first console I ever owned was in 2017, when I bought a Xbox 360 for $19 on eBay. I wanted to start playing the Saints Row series, and the first game in the series was exclusive to the 360, unlike all the others which ran on PC. Prior to that, the only console I really spent any time with was the Wii, which was a popular item at friend's houses/birthday parties, etc. To this day, I'd still call it my favorite console.
  6. Kes Gaming YT

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    I still mine Ethereum on my GPU, same as I did a year ago. It's no longer "profitable" to do so, but that assumes that you are selling it as you earn it. I'm keeping it in Ethereum until it goes back up again, a sort of rainy day fund if you will.
  7. Kes Gaming YT

    Doom RPG Port Reverse Engineering Update (version 0.2)

    Awesome! Wanted to play this after Doom 3, and now I have this solid option. 🙂
  8. Kes Gaming YT

    How can i compress a GIF Image?

    What triggers me is the increasing disappearance of comment sections. Obviously, not on a site like ezgif, but on news sites, blogs, tech reviews, etc.
  9. Kes Gaming YT

    [v3 (final)] Maximum doom in one

    Just downloaded this to take a look, and I was surprised at how good this really is! This is an incredible project for Maximum Doom, major props for putting this together. I'm going to make a video when I get a little time and go over this. A mini-review if you will. @Doomkid And so should you. ;)
  10. Kes Gaming YT

    How can i compress a GIF Image?

    A lot of people don't know much about computers, and so when they see unconventional websites, they immediately think "virus danger" and go elsewhere.
  11. @TheChickenLord<3
  12. Kes Gaming YT

    The worst movie you seen

    Don't worry, they got their revenge with "The Quiet Man"
  13. Kes Gaming YT

    The worst movie you seen

    Christmas Vacation? I think I saw that when I was like 10. It was pretty stupid, but most Chevy Chase movies are. Still, I liked Funny Farm much better.
  14. Kes Gaming YT

    The worst movie you seen

    laughs in Maximum Doom
  15. Kes Gaming YT

    The worst movie you seen

    It's boring. Takes forever to get started, conversations drag on for so long you forget the whole point of the discussion, there are way too many characters to keep track of, in addition to who is related to whom, who sides with who, and most of all, why I should care in the first place. Overrated as hell.