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  1. Yo man, this is something I'm gonna try to do more often - give you a heads up on upcoming Max Doom levels.  

    I see you've got some wadpaks that have a bunch of stuff you've already played - like I've said you can skip DOOM142 as it's just the first three episodes of Doom I converted.  There's also the DOOMPL series - 


    DOOMPL12.wad maps - 

    1 - AMBUSH.wad

    2 - E1M1 remake

    3 - E3M1 remake (and was also E1L1RQ.wad)

    4 - E2M1 remake

    5 - ATLNTS12.wad

    6 - forget the name of this one, but you would've played this one before in a wadpak

    7 - A crappy dark slaught map (you'll probably recognize it)


    DOOMPL32.wad - 

    1 - STONES.wad

    2 - I think you've played this one...?? (sorry to be unsure)

    3 - NOPANIC2.wad - Don't know if you've already played it, but it's in the D2 folder

    4 - Not sure, but it's tiny

    5 - Your favorite, WARHOUSE.wad :-)

    6 - E1M2 remake

    7 - E1M5 remake

    8 - E1M6 remake


    DOOMPL42.wad - 

    1 - E2M1 remake

    2 - E2M1 remake (....yeah)

    3 - THIS one looks new

    4 - And this one

    5 - And this one

    6 - E1M2 remake

    7 - CASTLE.wad

    8 - E1M1 remake


    So this might help you blast through these wads when you get to them.  I'll keep an eye out in the future for other potentially redundant wads you'll be up against.



    1. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Thanks so much mate! That's a HUGE help!

    2. Endless


      @Kes Gaming YT Really amazing feat you're doing mate, wish you the best of the best! Also, @Maximum Matt, I'm fascinating by the amount of experience you have with Maximum Doom, which makes me wonder, how or why are you such a sage when it comes to this infamous WAD pack? If there's a story, my mind wants to know.

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