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  1. Dylan Omen

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Am I wrong in thinking, that Ultraviolence is supposed to be hard? why are there so many people who only test/play maps on the UV skill and then complain about the difficulty, even though the mapper has taken the time to implement lower difficulties? do we really all need to believe we are godtier? I think some of you need to understand it's literally delineated that way in editors. easy = itytd, hntr (this is probably where most of the complainers should be playing so they can feel like the doom gods they are) medium = hmp (this is good for learning the map) hard = uv, nm (this one here is for testing yourself)
  2. Dylan Omen

    BOSS BATTLE BONANZA - November Speedmapping Event [WAD RELEASED]

    @smeghammer, this sounds right up your alley.
  3. Dylan Omen

    New Map - A Lost Soul?

    Really cool design and architecture.
  4. Dylan Omen

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    Excuse the clickbaity title, but basically there's a Dotabot that can beat pro players thanks to machine learning;
  5. Dylan Omen

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    absolutely, but it is not capable of being creative in and of it's self. OBLIGE or SLIGE might have been groundbreaking as tools, the tools themselves aren't capable of breaking ground (as far as mapping goes). for instance they wouldn't have been able to figure out the many uses of voodoo dolls without having that information being figured out previously by a person. (I have no idea if they are capable of using voodoo dolls, it's just an example) How did the archivists know they were SLIGE maps if they were good enough? particular textures or something?
  6. probably go ahead and suck on a unicorn for that good good eternal life.
  7. Dylan Omen

    NaNoWADMo 2020 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    I've been keeping up with regular mapping, but have not even remotely achieved the goal of 8 maps. so far I have four, and one I intend to scrap, but I'll just say I ended up going for quality over quantity.
  8. Dylan Omen

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    Oblige, but with machine learning, so you can dump all your favorite wads into it so it can learn from human mappers, and then build maps based off of ones you actually enjoy. Also wouldn't worry about computers replacing artists until quantum computing is realized, good luck recreating human creativity in a binary system.
  9. Dylan Omen

    Xar - a mini slaughter map

    Ok, So I played the map, didn't finish it, I'm pretty new to the whole slaughter thing, so I won't comment too much on that aspect of gameplay. The design needs alot of work. textures are a bit of a mess, and there's too much startan (it's the default texture for just about all the editors), so startan heavy maps look lazy. right in the beginning you have a pit, with a lift that brings you back up. it seems like the whole sector is moving, it's kinda weird, though I'm not mad about it, feels real elevatoresque. but probably just has to do with how you are tagging the action. I had fun with the first couple of fights took me a few tries to get them right, got fed up with the archviles, in one playthrough they jumped me onto the mancubus ledge. I only found the one secret just after that AV room with the bfg in it. I feel like you could relinquish some of the ammo in there to be more present on the rest of the map. though it's not a hard secret to find. I think the big thing here is presentation. You need to spend more time on how the map looks because it's being lazy with things like texturing that make folks think it's a joke especially when you consider how much effort people put into the aesthetics of their maps. currently your map doesn't feel like we are somewhere, there's not really a sense of place. if you look at a Slaughter map like Okuplok (and even that is kinda bland in places) there is a strong sense of place (it's easy to believe you are in the depths of hell). It feels very myfirst.wad and that's ok! everyone has to start somewhere. you should keep mapping! it gets easier each time you start a new map! and things like texturing can become more streamline. here are some vids on design that might help you get a jumpstart.
  10. I know @smeghammerhas done some interesting things with portals. if nothing else this thread may interest you smeg.
  11. Dylan Omen

    I found my dad's 1994 WAD

    Make a new copy of it though! don't edit the original WAD. (for archival purposes.) Would also suggest adding both files to the zip. (edited and unedited wads)
  12. Dylan Omen

    GEHENNA.wad (some info about my new d2 level)

    No worries dude, we all make mistakes! keep on mapping, you have a good eye for aesthetics!
  13. Dylan Omen

    GEHENNA.wad (some info about my new d2 level)

    This guy is just making up stuff about Judaism as he goes along. Jewish hell? Jews don't really believe in hell or heaven for that matter. those are Christian constructs which you are inaccurately applying to Judaism (and it is problematic to do so willy-nilly because "you can"). Judaism focuses on the earthly existence of people and warns away from useless speculations of detail for the afterlife (which is exactly what you are doing in essence). Judging by your approach, I'd say you aren't Jewish, and in fact have a very limited understanding of what Judaism is or how it functions. which leads me to believe that you probably have a bunch of anti-Semitic doctrine backing your ideas and you should interrogate where these are coming from. for instance, the Star of David, is not religious. it's a symbol for the state of Israel, and has become synonymous with Jewish nationalism. which is entirely different to how Christians use symbolism and the subversion of symbolism that occurs in biblical hell (a subversion which is made by the Christians themselves not an outsider.). another example of how uninformed all of this is, is the name. which is actually Islamic for hell. and we are now really doing ourselves a trouble by conflating those two. all in all this feels like the work of a Christian who wants to try poke fun at other religions the same way id did to Christianity back in the 90's and the biggest problem with that is the heaving misunderstanding around the realities of the religions at hand. Judaism is not comparable to Christianity and thus cannot be subverted in the same way. I know you are young, (16) I believe, so I'm not trying to attack you. but I think you should spend more time developing your ideas with research, and not just hearsay or opinion. everything about this is misinformed, and as a result screams anti-Semitism. Art is cool, art that is shocking is also cool, but art that tries to be shocking while being entirely uninformed, is pretty pointless and comes off as ignorant. The work looks good by the way, it's a pity you are marring it with bad philosophy. And I will end off by saying, Anti-semitism isn't edgy or cool don't waste your time with folks who think otherwise. #FreePalestine
  14. Dylan Omen

    What are you playing now?

    I had a bash at NEIS recently as well and I completely agree it's frustrating. I may give it another go after reading this. I enjoyed the approach to level design alot even though I struggled to figure out progression at times
  15. Dylan Omen

    BLIND.WAD (Single level for Doom 2)

    That's a star of David, and not a pentagram, just so you know.