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  1. Forcing creators to pay you for the ability to talk about your dying platform is a totally viable strategy. Yep.
  2. Charlie Love

    unpopular retro opinions

    I actually don't mind the 64 controller's shape too much. My real issue is the pitiful dpad and the hard plastic analog stick that grinds down as you use it.
  3. Here are the patches: https://github.com/Doom-Utils/iwad-patches Here is what you use to patch it: https://github.com/jmacd/xdelta-gpl/releases/tag/v3.0.11 Just open a command prompt and do something similar to this. Or make a bat file. xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe -d -s tnt.wad 1.9-to-anthology.vcdiff tnt-anth.wad Keep in mind there is also a semi-official fixed TNT Map 31 wad available as well if you want to stay demo compatible. (Also, I don't think Crispy Doom uses the right map names when using these versions) Edit: As an aside, it'd be neat if modern source ports used this information to either patch on the fly or verify various versions of the game.
  4. Charlie Love

    Widescreen Intermission or map replacement

    Most recent version of Crispy and I believe GZDoom now supports widescreen assets.
  5. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Try this. I deleted the older files, but it still kept the links for some reason. Sorry about that.
  6. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Those are custom graphic wads I made since the default is much smaller. You can find them here. The post here details the parameters that are required to get the episodes to show up and work properly. Important to not is that my exe is unique and isn't merged into the main branch so it's the only way to get the episode stuff working at the moment. Because it's a bit of a departure from the Crispy mission statement it isn't likely to ever be merged in.
  7. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Ah, you're right didn't think of that. My stuff is compiled 32-bit so that could create issues. (I could have gone higher but I was having some issues getting MSYS2 to work properly)
  8. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Only thing I can think of is maybe the other files are older. This is built off of 5.9.2 so there are some assumptions there. You could just try with the most up to date official release instead. It should have the widescreen update included now. http://latest.chocolate-doom.org/
  9. Charlie Love

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    I tend to prefer maps that lean a bit closer to Doom 1's style. Tight, mostly linear, and with a sprinkle of exploration. Overly long and complex maps rank as some of my least favorites.
  10. Charlie Love

    Doom updated on Steam...with Unity version

    I fail to see the issue in having the default experience for those stumbling upon Doom for the first time on Steam being a version of Doom that supports higher framerates, higher resolutions, includes SC-55 music, and an easily accessible curated list of downloadable mods. Sure the best overall way to experience Doom is through source ports, but being able to recommend Doom to a friend without a laundry list of setup information and knowing they're getting a pretty good experience is awesome.
  11. Charlie Love

    are you a STRICT classic player?

    I trend towards Vanillaish ports in general, mainly for aesthetic reasons. Something about the banding and demon that's either brown, red, or pink based on proximity is oddly charming. Widescreen and higher framerate (amongst other niceties) provided by Crispy/prBoom+ just sweeten the pot for me. If I'd rank sourceports based on player coverage I'd say ZDoom and its derivatives are at the top, followed closely by prBoom+. Much more niche are the mostly vanilla ports like Crispy, Chocolate, and of course the DOS versions. Use the port that provides the features you want. If you find you don't need ZDoom stuff for your wad and can walk it back to Boom, perhaps that's something to look into.
  12. Seeing both Doom RPGs, the Wolfenstein RPG, and the Orcs and Elves games rereleased would be fantastic. Other than Playstation Doom, the Doom RPGs are the last of the unique Doom games that aren't on modern platforms at this time.
  13. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    I've uploaded a compiled version of the latest code (it's a personal copy so also has the episode mode stuff too, but that's ignorable). It should just work. Edit: Can confirm works with the widescreen updated wads from the Unity port as well. crispy-doom - widescreen update.zip
  14. Charlie Love

    Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

    Good work on the widescreen asset update. I've made some wad patches from the widescreen assets iD released to the public for those that don't want to use the Unity versions of the iwads. The name of the zip is kind of misleading, because these allow you to go to 21:9. Converted Unity Wads.zip