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  1. AinuTheTaken

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    I wouldn't mind seeing exactly the same graphics (or sprites) from back then, if that's what ya mean, in a new Doom game!
  2. AinuTheTaken

    Doom 1 and 2 are flawless.

    But why not? Gotta ask the tough questions here.
  3. AinuTheTaken

    Opinions on jumping in doom?

    I never use it unless I think it has to be used. Sometimes it does. Also, jumping is functional in Doom but it's not really a great feeling to jump so that's another reason to avoid it unless needed.
  4. AinuTheTaken

    Doom 1 and 2 are flawless.

    Maybe if they git gud they will be flawless someday.
  5. AinuTheTaken

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I heart rice.
  6. AinuTheTaken

    What are your preferred visual settings?

    With 'software' lighting in GZDoom (slightly brighter than the other settings) although I've figured out how to get a nice flashlight effect with darkdoomz and bdeflashlight. I think that's what it's called. I also like it when enemies are flat and pixelated for some reason so I turn off antialiasing and bilinear filtering completely.
  7. AinuTheTaken

    Opinions on Social Media.

    Use it sparingly, I guess. No good can result from using it too much.
  8. AinuTheTaken

    Devolver Digital acquires Croteam

    Been a fan of Devolver for years with their release of Hotline Miami.
  9. AinuTheTaken

    You draw it, I map it

    PaintDoom.wad could be PaintDM.wad to stay under the 8 character limit.
  10. AinuTheTaken

    Top favorite FPS games?

    I'll be the first (?!) to say it: Metroid Prime.
  11. AinuTheTaken

    What Is Your Opinion On TLOU2?

    I have no interest in TLOU2. I just... don't. Is it an action adventure?
  12. AinuTheTaken

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    Chaingun was a nice addition to Doom 2 so I voted for that.
  13. AinuTheTaken

    You draw it, I map it

    We went from starport to beach so it certainly seems like we're aliens landing on Earth.
  14. AinuTheTaken

    Did you have a favorite monster ( all Doom games )

    Maybe revenants because they're great mid tiers.