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Everything posted by AinuTheTaken

  1. AinuTheTaken

    Your favourite chaingun replacements?

    That's a good idea too. There are a handful of under the radar mods for pistol replacements.
  2. AinuTheTaken

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    I told my Krispy Kreme store I was 420GlazeIt, but their donuts tasted the same as ever...
  3. AinuTheTaken

    Sehenswirdigkeit: a wad by 90s doomer

    A certain novelist had a character who said "The afterlife is just you in a room filled with spiders..." That's what this wad is all about.
  4. AinuTheTaken


    ADL has a page on that?
  5. AinuTheTaken

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    Well, anyway, here is what I trust is a helpful post for you, OP. Somebody up above recommended a mysterious Dawkins, but you probably don't know his name if you've never read a book by a scientist. Those are the odds, anyway. His full name is Richard Dawkins and he's a great read. Richard Dawkins' studies about memetic communication are very interesting, whether you really like memes (I do) or if you just wonder how Idea X became so popular in group Y. Any current, well known scientist, particularly an evolutionary scientist, is going to be enlightening, maybe entertaining, and you won't regret reading what they've published. I don't suggest that you study journalism because that's even worse than what you find online. I remember that, while in school, they made us read Longitudes and Attitudes (I think that was the name of it) by a journalist who never asked any exceptionally critical questions and was best characterized as an Idea Man. He could point blank propose such ideas as, "They just don't value life as much as we do" [referring to the Middle Eastern world]. Yup. That's the substance of journalism more or less. You get bloodthirst and ignorance from journalists, and not much else. So, expand your horizons by getting in touch with people who really want to understand the world we live in, this will mean scientists and researchers.
  6. AinuTheTaken

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    No. I guess the fish in Quake 1 are a lot less scary than what you have in mind.
  7. AinuTheTaken

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    And please stay away from the 1,000 page one that doesn't make any fucking sense.
  8. AinuTheTaken

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    He didn't "fall" to anything, as far as I know, although winners don't do drugs. Fallen is a religious dogwhistle. :^)
  9. AinuTheTaken

    Do you use Bitcoin or other crypto?

    I heard of people using it to buy very small value things on Steam, I think stickers.
  10. AinuTheTaken

    idgames archive problem with google chrome

    There's an older thread about this from I think a month and a half ago where some people said it had to do with https protocols.
  11. AinuTheTaken

    Am I A Egotistical Piece Of Crap?

    No. I wouldn't say so.
  12. AinuTheTaken

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    I tried using the name Flava Flav to see if my fries turned out better, they didn't.
  13. AinuTheTaken

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    It was a Tuesday. Carmack said to himself, "It's 2:22pm. How can we top Wolfenstein 3D?" By 3:00pm, he had topped it. (He thought of Doom.)
  14. AinuTheTaken

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    There was that one time Sandy Petersen said I could do better.
  15. AinuTheTaken

    The ULTIMATE Master WAD Guide

  16. One of the best songs I ever heard in a video game ost. But I still don't like Duke too much, just this song.
  17. AinuTheTaken

    I just started "Dragon Ball Super"

    Akira T. was first hands off but eventually started helping out the team working on Dragon Ball Super, from what I've read. Knowing this might make some people like it better.
  18. AinuTheTaken

    Google stole my account

    Maybe there's a number that you can call at Google.
  19. AinuTheTaken

    best operating system for kids

    Some games won't work on Windows XP since it's old.
  20. AinuTheTaken

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    At fast food you have to a lot of the time.
  21. AinuTheTaken

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    I like Quake's sound effects. They're high quality and all the sound effects seem realistic.
  22. AinuTheTaken

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    Plasma rifle and cacodemon.
  23. AinuTheTaken

    Source port tier list

    Behold, I have resolved thousands of years of bickering.
  24. AinuTheTaken

    I think FIREBLU is pretty: Change My Mind

    Ok. So I thought about it and fireblu is the definition of frustrated. Frustration is just pain in a different costume.