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  1. johnc753

    Auto Weapon Switching

    thx works like charms!
  2. johnc753

    Do ANY SP's run on XP!?!?!?!

    zdoom is best in single-player experience legacy is best in graphic zdaemon is best in multiplayer how many time do i hav to tell all of u doomers
  3. everyone has this problem the first time they start legacy right? i am
  4. johnc753

    My Doom Levels

    i will try to play with 3 guys.....hope the levels are fun
  5. johnc753

    Check out the new screenies

    it feels cool, i wanna try it
  6. johnc753

    zdoomgl status

    keep catch up and good work
  7. johnc753

    What is the best Source Port?

    Zdoom, cuz most cool megawad or wads are designed especially for zdoom,
  8. johnc753


    be patient wait for the GLzdoom future release!! zdoom is already the best, now GLzdoom make it even best
  9. johnc753

    Best Source Port?

    well....it's depend on what u want from doom if u want: most game features: ZDoom (lots of modern doom!) most network players: DoomConnector or zdaemon (doom online!) most Graphic enhanced: Doom Legacy (3d floors are nice!) personally, i like GLZdoom (a GL version of zdoom) but lots of bugs and problem, so i playing zdoom now
  10. which one u guys prefer, just wondering i like both of them, but i wish both of them mix and became a hard but fun map
  11. johnc753

    See Through Walls? CLICK HERE!

    finally it works! and i not gonna ask this question over and over again
  12. all u people play doom on XP right? just wondering