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  1. PliznoRing

    My First Deathmatch map!

  2. PliznoRing

    My First Deathmatch map!

    Hello fellow doomers, I have created my very first deathmatch map for doom, sorry if it's a bit trash, but I'll get better overtime! No TXT this time, just a wad file! Enjoy! GobSmackOnTheRocksBattleTown.rar
  3. PliznoRing

    Dovaus Station V1 (My Third WAD!)

    Welcome to my first sort of large map, this map took me about 2 days to build! I hope you guys enjoy it! Description: You stumble across a strange space station on the outskirts of Phobos, explore this station and take as much goodies as you can! Your main goal is to collect all 3 keycards to unlock the main door, thus bringing you to the exit, there is also a few hidden secrets around the map, so have fun hunting! TXT File Inside! Enjoy! Dovaus Station V1.rar
  4. PliznoRing

    UAC Extension Labs!

    My Second WAD: UAC Extension Labs! Story: You play as an unknown space marine trapped on Phobos, the UAC Extension Labs is the only remaining building left in the invasion. It's up to you to kill the demons and escape Phobos. If you find any bugs, please let me know! Credits: GZDOOM, Ultimate Doom Builder and the developers of DOOM2! The map also includes a hidden BFG. Try and find it :) Installation Guide: Drag the WAD file into the GZDOOM executable. UAC Extraction Labs.rar
  5. PliznoRing

    My First Wad (Lab Raid)

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll take into account all the advice I'm getting so I can improve my next map!
  6. PliznoRing

    My First Wad (Lab Raid)

  7. PliznoRing

    My First Wad (Lab Raid)

    I would like to share with you all my first doom WAD, I know it's hot garbage, but it's a first attempt! Read me file included. Lab Raid.rar