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  1. Bodybuilder5500

    Yet Another Claustrophobia Styled Boss

    Error!!! continue could not continue. Script Error. yacsb. wad:DECORATE line9 SC_GetNumber: Bad numeric constant random. Why?!
  2. Bodybuilder5500


    Fatal Error - Execution couldnĀ“t continue :(
  3. Bodybuilder5500

    Eternal Doom

    Some boring Levels. No new monsters and weapons!
  4. Bodybuilder5500

    5till L1 Complex

    Only 1 new Level, other look of Weapons but same shots as classic weapons, and no new monsters. Poor!
  5. Bodybuilder5500

    Io Complex

    It does not work in skulltag :( It shows only Doom 2 Classic (No new Monsters, no new Weapons)
  6. Bodybuilder5500

    The Remote Complex

    It does not works in skulltag!