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  1. Videgraphaphizer

    Mystery DOOM Coins - assistance needed

    Oh, I doubt any of these are made with precious metals. Most likely some sort of zinc alloy, since the coins I get from the Bethesda store are that same material. But yeah, it's looking more and more to me like these are some sort of fan project. I'm kind of dismayed because I was hoping that they were maybe prototypes, or some obscure limited production thing. I still think they're of higher quality than the military coin that was shipped out. But at the very least, I still want to know for ure who ordered these, and where they came from.
  2. Videgraphaphizer

    Mystery DOOM Coins - assistance needed

    Can you elaborate on what makes them look strange? There are a number of official coins: the silver and gold 25th anniversary coins; the Makyr coin most recently released; and, closest to these, the military promo coins for both 2016 and Eternal. The thing that makes me question if this isn't fanmade is that the enamel coin here is, to me, higher quality than the official D:E coin released (pictured below). I don't have the 2016 coin yet, but it's completely different in design. (Image courtesy of Snoopy101x on imgur) Here are the links to the coins currently available. DOOM I: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Doom-Collectors-Challenge-Coin/293753593757?hash=item4465141f9d:g:VIkAAOSwGyteqIR9 DOOM II: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Doom-II-Collectors-Challenge-Coin/293753593094?hash=item4465141d06:g:eCUAAOSws6ReqIVS DOOM ETERNAL: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Doom-Eternal-Collectors-Challenge-Coin/293753592594?hash=item4465141b12:g:O1AAAOSw8Rte~Ofr I purchased the D:E coin from a different seller and that listing is no longer up, but I should note that both sellers are from the Clearwater, FL, area. If it is fan-made, I think it's likely that they were produced - or at least ordered - by someone there.
  3. Videgraphaphizer

    Mystery DOOM Coins - assistance needed

    I've been collecting DOOM merch over the past several months, and I've stumbled across some unusual things. Perhaps the strangest is this "set" of coins. I put "set" in quotes because, frankly, I have no idea if these coins are related to each other in any way. All of these coins were purchased off of eBay by second-hand sellers. Neither of the two sources were able to provide me information on where they came from. I'm also aware of the existence of the military challenge coins, but these don't match those.