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  1. Sprockhead

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I would love it if they made a new Quake (a remake?) like the first one. Throw in Trent Reznor as the composer and dive deep into the lovecraftian style to separate it from modern Doom. I wonder how Trent would do the music to a Quake game these days. He's scored a lot of movies and stuff since the original game. Would be great to hear a modern take.
  2. Sprockhead

    Music inspired by retro FPS

    My soundtrack to the upcoming horror game "Belong Nowhere" is now on Bandcamp! 11 new songs filled with atmospheric darkness, haunting pianos and slamming noises. Check out the music below https://fredrikthrysoe.bandcamp.com/album/belong-nowhere-original-game-soundtrack
  3. Sprockhead

    Music inspired by retro FPS

    Thank you, I really appreciate it!
  4. Sprockhead

    Music inspired by retro FPS

    Thank you, glad you liked it! It would be fun to work on more retro shooters.
  5. Sprockhead

    Music inspired by retro FPS

    Hi, Doomworld! I'm a Swedish composer making music for indie games and I've made a bunch of tracks inspired by retro shooters. The playlist also features tracks I made for Penance, an oldschool style FPS with a campaign mode with hand made levels, and an endless mode with procedurally generated levels covered in gritty retro graphics. You can play Penance here https://akselmo.itch.io/penance