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  1. Briøche

    Requiem in D'emon Major - a 1 Boom format map.

    Nice ! It's still cool to see players play the actual map, I thank you. So... Yeah, I had some same weird issues with the platform you mentioned that I thought i had fixed, but apparently no :c sorry for that. About the revenant, I didn't knew about that, I guess a Block monster should fix that, Also, I don't mind if you use my profil picture haha don't worry. At least I'm glad you enjoyed the map, thank you again for playing the map :)
  2. Briøche

    Weird WADs #2: Elements of Pain

    I think you got the wrong topic friend xD
  3. Oh man... First when I clicked on this topic, I didn't knew you were the creator of Going Down (that I enjoyed). I started to play this WAD and was like "uh, this music ? this level design ? it remind me something but I don't know what..." then I remembered everything ! You have a very unique sense of humor :)
  4. Briøche

    Requiem in D'emon Major - a 1 Boom format map.

    It's an honor to please you :) also thank you for the video !
  5. Briøche

    Weird WADs #1: no 3D mode

    Just finished the map, it play well. I noticed this stuck zombie though : Also... I have some ideas if you plan to do some others "weird WAD's" : 1 - Do a map with a limit of one texture for walls, one texture for floors, and one texture for ceilings. With the exception of those ones (but allowed only for their conventional use) : LITE3 ; LITE5 ; LITEBLU1 ; LITEBLU4 ; all switch textures ; all door textures ; all keyed door ledge textures ; all liquid textures ; DOORSTOP ; DOORTRAK ; SUPPORT2 ; SUPPORT3 ; METAL ; and finally FLAT20 and CEIL5_2. 2 - Do a map with only Pain Elementals to fight (and call the map "PAIN ELEMENTALISM", haha jk xd). 3 - Do a map without any door (but you can use floor/teleportation action tag, etc.).
  6. Briøche

    2 mini slaughter maps : Furoncle - Boom Format

    Thank you for speedrunning this, I was really searching for a video about a player playing these maps ! :)
  7. Briøche

    2 mini slaughter maps : Furoncle - Boom Format

    It's Furoncle because I'm actually french yes haha, mb, I didn't even noticed it wasn't the correct spelling in english. Thank your for the gameplay advises as I will write notes about that... About the level design aspect, well, I didn't focused on it at all to be honest, it was first about me testing the "slaugthermap" orientation xd I had ironically more fun about balancing those maps than the ones I'm mapping usually, so be sure I'll try hard the next WAD, and this time with a well polished level design :)
  8. Hello :) This one is very experimental for me, It's just about a very short slaughter map in the style of MAP07: Dead Simple of Doom II. The map should be balanced... Maybe ? I don't know, I don't play slaughter maps very often indeed... And the main reason of why this WAD exist is to practice it. In fact the WAD contain two maps, but I'm ultimately not sure about the second, still I decided to keep it, play it at your own risk though. Infopédia : Boom Format Doom II needed UV only 2 or 10 minutes gameplay, I guess No crouch/jump Inside this WAD there is : MAP01 and MAP02 map replacement plus music replacement (credit goes to "Bloo" and "Lippeth") Screenshots : Download : > https://www.mediafire.com/file/jva3thsyag2t355/Furoncle.wad/file <
  9. MAP11 : Changed the start room plus created a secret. MAP07 : Added some monsters/items/decorations and some sectors, also a secret and an exit (yellow keyed). https://www.mediafire.com/file/rsohw15b3iplhnn/NEGATIVETWO+v0.32.wad/file
  10. Briøche

    Pumping Station - short vanilla map

    A pleasant map. I don't have any argue, since I don't see important negative points, and the main positive one is the pleasance of playing, so you won. :) Also, keep yourself good. Peoples could tell you "it's just a video game" or some kind of blank conformism, and maybe don't see your own perspective of what you can feel... But when creativity and hobby become a burden, it is exactly that time where you can give yourself a large moment of plenitude
  11. I have been charmed by this lovely mod as a old WoW player ! Thank you for this gem :)
  12. Briøche

    Mess hall - my map :^)

    Short and good. Though, as already said, I would had loved a more "complex" architecture :)
  13. Briøche

    -El Foso- a Doom II map

    I played with Walpurgis as a ferocious magister hehe, I don't have any complaint except the map is a bit short :c The stairs room was fun though :)
  14. Briøche

    Requiem in D'emon Major - a 1 Boom format map.

    Thank's :) the map was UV only, I intended to put some ammo/health balance for each difficulty but if I may be honest with you... I was bored xd also...
  15. Briøche

    Requiem in D'emon Major - a 1 Boom format map.

    Information : By watching some bugs I unfortunately changed the spawn point, my bad, now fixed. :S