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  1. dotQLL

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    Trying to navigate thru a room bumping into every wall when suddenly the engine bounces you back and into an unfortunately placed pit.
  2. dotQLL

    Doom Dad Jokes

    Why can demons sleep so easily?
  3. dotQLL

    What's your preferred way of implementing skill levels?

    For me, Hurt Me Plenty is the intended skill level. Ultra-Violence is harder. Hey Not Too Rough is easier.
  4. dotQLL


    @Thatonespymain Just in case you missed these ;P
  5. Eh why not. I released my map standalone assuming that this project wouldn't go anywhere. (spoiler alert: it is going somewhere)
  6. I'm having a creative drought right now. I'd say I'm out since I couldn't think of any ideas.
  7. dotQLL

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    New Unity port add-on, new widescreen assets. I decided to make some widescreen versions of the screens from the original /idgames release of TVR! Revolution!
  8. dotQLL

    Most delicious maps

    MAP11: My fav and MAP27: A resplendent emerald green from JPCP
  9. dotQLL

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Addendum to this: A beta version of Memento Mori III: The Quake Encounter (under the working title Requiem) was leaked on the /idgames archive. Only one of the levels is found in the final game. It was an early version of E1M6: The Door To Chthon.
  10. dotQLL

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    aw sweet i love ray mohawk Who's Frank Zappa?
  11. dotQLL

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Whyb Monotac Rab?
  12. Random order. Keycard for tech. Skull for Hell. Soul key for Heaven LOL
  13. Today I introduced a friend into DOOM and DOOM Deathmatch, taught them a few DoomTricks(tm) and fought for a few matches

    and then suddenly Ralphis comes in and kicks our asses LOL

    Would still play 10/10

  14. dotQLL

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    All that did was make me jump off a cliff.