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  1. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Create a sector that only contains the horizon lines, then lower its ceiling to 1 map unit (or a height below your viewpoint)
  2. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to look at. If you tried applying line special 1080 on a double sided linedef, it wouldn't produce the infinite horizon effect.
  3. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    By the way, when I mention ZDoom, I meant the ZDoom family of source ports. Stuff like GZDoom, LZDoom, VKDoom
  4. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Weird. Normally it looks like this to me: Pictured: Woof! 12.0.0
  5. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Let's take a look at how it works: ZokumBSP adds some new line specials that let you manipulate how walls are rendered. What we're using is this: By rotating the wall 180 degrees, the visible face of the wall is now facing away from you. What this means is that now there's no wall to overlay over the floor, making it seem infinite. It is purely visual, so no you can't summon John Carmack through your screen and have him bitchslap you for abusing his engine if you walk into the wall. This only works on software mode though. I don't know how well it works on OpenGL ports. (like GLBoom+) If you wanna see more cool ZokumBSP special linedefs, check this out: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zokum-no/zokumbsp/master/doc/zokumbsp.txt
  6. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Here's a WAD that displays the effect in use. I can't share the WAD in the image since that's an incomplete map of mine. infinitegrass.zip
  7. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    Huh, weird. Check what node builder and source port you're using. Try rebuilding nodes or slightly moving a linedef. I heard you could use line special 242 instead, but I've never dove deep into Boom's stuff, so I don't know how.
  8. Quill

    How do I make a line horizon? (DBX-MBF21)

    An excerpt from a private discord chat of me describing how it works in vanilla: ZokumBSP has additional line specials that it adds. By flipping the wall 180 degrees, the wall becomes invisible, and the floor goes on, creating a horizon effect. ZDoom "fixes" the issue, and it cuts off the horizon. sad
  9. 09 - The map has some UMAPINFO stuff (MAPINFO if you use ZDoom ports) that triggers after you kill an enemy, so your port probably doesn't support it. 10 - Yeah that's a problem. 17 - At first I was confused about the secrets being inaccessible but then I remembered about the Barons you have to kill to progress. Could be chalked up to source port not supporting new age tech again.
  10. Quill

    What does bfg stand for?

    Bubble Fabricator Gun it make big grean bubbles for deamons 2 enjoy :)
  11. Aaaaaaand final version is out! I've implemented the changes made to MAP06, 14, and 21. I've also fixed the intermission graphics. Whatever's on the main post will be a temporary download link until the /idgames release is up. Download
  12. Before I wrap this up and upload to /idgames, are there any issues that any of you've experienced in RC3?
  13. Download RC3 Changes: MAP09 The plasma gun platform now releases an Archvile (and not much else teehee :3) when walking over it Made a crate door more distinct MAP18 Overhauled the lighting Pinkies are no longer stuck in the megaarmor secret MAP19 Gave the hitscanners in their pillars some more wiggle room Other Overhauled UACSSP-credits.txt
  14. RC2 IS OUT! Download RC2 Changes: MAP03 The lift to the red key is now repeatable MAP09 Fixed the progression suddenly halting on UMAPINFO ports MAP22 Fixed missing sky texture in ZDoom ports Other Blanked-out title screen demos New post layout