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  1. I have to change operating systems on my laptop due to unstableness within Windows 98.
    My dad won't let me save my edited stuff to a CD, but I can't, anyways.
    Here's a list of what I will lose:
    My one-sided sprite wad (that took a long time to make)
    My OGG soundtrack wad for Doom
    My other custom soundtrack for Doom
    My Hell Revealed edited songs (slightly edited, though)
    Hell Revealed 2 full version
    My super rocket launcher DEH patch (easy to make, though)
    My Zdoom.ini with my correct settings
    My mess ups within Final Doom (thankfully)
    Quite a few MUS files
    Some midis
    My Duke Nukem 3D source port

    That's a lot of stuff to do over or skip.

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    2. rf`


      kain said:

      dont worry. ill kill myself sooner or later.

      You're too slow.

    3. AndrewB


      Darn procrastinators...

    4. Goat


      wasnt there a thread about data recovery? all he did was reinstall the os, why not dl one of them programs and see what you can salvage