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  1. I sure do. They disgraced the only Disney thing I ever liked: Teacher's Pet.

    I also made this to show my hate.

    If you like Disney, don't follow the link. Please!

    Edit: Sorry about that, Grazza.

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    2. Coopersville


      Do I hate Walt Disney? No...
      Do I hate their early drawing styles, which after WW2, inspired the Japanese to create and develop anime? No...
      Do I hate Disney's timeless classics such as The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Hercules, or Mulan? No...
      Do I hate any of their non-animated features? No...

      But what I do hate, if you want to call it that, is their tendendcy to whore successful projects through a process of shittier, under-produced, overly sugarcoated sequels! And after those sequels sometimes comes an even worse branch of cartoon series' and video games.

      101 Dalmatians is one of many titles that come to mind.

    3. BlueSonnet


      Disney are bit of a mixed bag really. One could argue that Disney are cool because they've done some things that have laid a path for future cartoons. Steamboat willy for example was supposebly the first cartoon with a soundtrack (or at least they say it was, one could argue otherwise). In any case disney in those days was a huge influence on future cartoons including the beano, dandy, anime and so on and so forth.

      I can't deny that they're a greedy bunch though, nor can i deny that Walt Disney was a racist (some of the cartoon shorts earlier on have evidence of this). Not much of a surprise though. Loads of people were openly racist in those days.

      Still i watched a lot of disney as a kid, so i'm pretty cool with it. The disney classics like 101 dalmations, aristocats, sword in the stone, robin hood etc etc are pretty cool imo. The thing that i do hate about disney is how the newer cartoons that they do are shit.

      Generally i don't like disney much at my age but i don't hate them.

    4. Hyena


      I hate how Disney is constantly churning out cartoons based on a very unoriginal idea where everyone breaks into song and the characters are 2-dimensional and any children nearby absolutely HAVE to see it. Better in the theatre than at home, let me tell you. If they have it at home, they'll watch it OVER and OVER again. I'm telling you if I ever hear "The Colors of the Wind" again, my brain will explode.

      However, Lilo and Stitch kicked major anii. Although I didn't need to see their straight-to-video sequel, "Stitch" to be able to tell you that it sucked like no industrial-sized vacuum could ever suck.
      Lilo and Stitch will always be second only to Shrek (which thankfully wasn't by Disney).