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  1. I didn't mean to do anything wrong or upset anyone to get this CyBlock! I'm sorry if I overused those gay ass Paint pictures. I was just trying to be funny! I'm sorry guys! I never meant to be a dumbass. I know I can be stupid sometimes but I've learned my lesson. SORRY PEEPS!

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    2. Scabbed Angel

      Scabbed Angel

      *groan* JUST STOP BEING STUPID! Your numerous threads about appologies and shit are AS BAD AS YOUR CRAPPY ATTEMPTS AT BENG TEH FUNNEY! From some of your posts I notice you observer this: "I was a quiet user before, thought unknown, not unliked, and when I started posting obnoxious attempts at amusing people Doomworld changed I am now unliked." Hmmn... plesae think this over. The solution in in that statement. If you SHUT UP and only post when NECASSARY you will fade into the background again and Doomworld will, *giggle* return to normal...

    3. Bashe


      I wanted to fucking assholes to have respect.

    4. Bloodshedder


      You have to EARN some respect first.