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  1. I've been quite a weird ass motherfucker the past few weeks. Being banned from DC was really painful for me. DC was getting out of control and I could've been banned earlier but FoXxY gave me another chance. I fucked that chance because of a dick that pushed me over the edge. I lost some good friends due to my bannation. My friends on DC were all I really had on DC. They were cool, never assholes (except in the beginning, which was basically the reason we became friends). We always had fun DMing and Cooping. Webulator would review my drumming mp3s (1-5 now availible!) and we were just a cool bunch of people. Now I may never be able talk to them again. I wish I didn't fuck up my last chance, but I really hate assholes with no respect that just don't know how to leave people alone. That's basically the whole reason that I've turned everyone against me, wondering why they hated me when it was me all along. I never meant to upset anyone but I just couldn't help myself. Losing DC and my friends was a horrible experience. I miss my good friends and they probably am wondering where I am. Before I got banned from DC I was just another member at DW forums. Now almost everyone hates me and they will probably never not hate me. Some people may be forgiving enough but some will just continue hating me.

    It's time for me to start over. I will no longer be a prick, but please people, EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT! Remember that.

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    2. Sephiroth


      so what, this is the internet! go else where for a while. doomworld isnt all there is to life. read a book or something.

      well anyways, you have never pissed me off. remember this is site is run by a select few, do as THEY say. or feel their rath

    3. losersrock


      why don we be nice dawgz? be nice is good dawgz.

    4. Bashe


      Well...it seems SOME people are going to continue to be fucking bitches with no respect but I can live with that.