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  1. I have started a little series called "OMG" where Scott Leadready (of Teacher's Pet, a dead show from Disney) plays CS online with a bunch of geeky nerds who starting saying things like "OMG WTF CHEETER" everytime they get killed. I might post it online but I doubt it. I'm still working on OMG 7. This is basically a comic thing. Anyone else doing a series like this (about geeks or not)?

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    2. rf`


      Jesus fucking christ raping ghandi on a telephone pole, you people are fucking lame.

      Edit: Your lameness is unfunny and a pitiful act to be cool. Please, stop, then proceed to commit suicide with a cow, a bridge, and a 50 year old bungee cord.

    3. Bashe


      Especially my series!

      Ravage, that's deep man.

    4. Ralphis



      That line may have been a little bit funny the first time you heard it yelled over a mic about...5 years ago.