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  1. I've just been thinking back today what I was like as a kid and my friend as a kid when we played Doom a lot. I remember a one sleepover, he said that his computer, claiming it was faster than our computer (LIE), he could kill a Cybie in two hits with a berserk pack. He also said that it was the same way on his dads computer, honestly faster than the family one. He said on our computer, the slowest computer ever (LIE), that it would take 80 hits to kill a Cybie with a breserk pack. So basically he's saying that computer speed matters when it comes to damage with berserks.

    Ah, I remember when I showed him the secret Wolfenstein levels, and the Commander Keen things. Man, those were the days. Now I never sleepover at his house and he ALWAYS sleeps over at mine, mostly because there is nothing fun to do at his house and it's just not a fun place compared to mine.

    Ah, I would do anything to go back to those days again.