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  1. I don't think I'm sleeping long enough at night. Lately, in preperation of school, I've been going to bed at like midnight and such rather than like 3:00 AM or so so my body could get used to going to bed earlier. It seems I'm only sleeping for a limited amount of time. I just went to about 4 hours ago and now here I am, awake as can be. The worst part is that I take really long naps during the day. That's probably where all my sleep is going...

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    2. Bashe


      Yeah, didn't you know that definitely is the worst cuss word in the book?

    3. Danarchy


      Someone should try making a USEFUL filter like, oh say, making the word "Google" always link to the website.

    4. Grazza


      That would screw up any deliberate attempt to link to, say, a specific Google search though.

      Just like it currently stops anyone who wants to link to the Irreg<b></b>ardless Café website (http://www.irregard<i></i>less.com).