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  1. Look what came in the mail today

    The logo turned out to be quite a bit smaller than I had hoped, but otherwise it looks pretty good.


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    2. Bashe


      They don't have any good official shirts

    3. exp(x)


      Technician said:

      Cafepress? A couple times through the wash and that colored iron on will be faded like the thin cotton shirt they print it on. Buy an official shirt you cheap bastards.

      My Chocolate Doom shirt still looks great, and I've washed it countless times. Perhaps Cafepress uses thermal transfers on some shirts, but the black shirts are printed directly using Kornit printers. Also, a quick look shows id Software no longer sells the Doom shirts, so perhaps you should do some research before talking out of your ass.

    4. Bashe


      My last Cafepress shirt (now in Fisk's possession) looked pretty good even after several washes, however I noticed it did fade just a little bit, but nowhere near as bad as I've seen in the past.

      And, like I said, no good official shirts.