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  1. Early this afternoon, my mother came home from work sick. Didn't seem like a big deal until I walked by her room and she sounded miserable and she request that I take her to the ER at a local hospital. This worried me, considering it was so sudden and that something must have been really wrong, so we hopped into the car and I drove down the highway to the hospital. They took her into their care and I just sat by her side. She didn't appear to be in very serious condition, but she was throwing up several times and she kept saying she was overall miserable. I felt bad, but the only thing I could do was remain by her side. After several hours, my dad came in and took over my spot of staying with her. She started to get better around the time I left, but as of now she's still there. Hopefully she gets well!

    tl;dr - mum's sick in the ER, oh noes

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    2. Technician
    3. Bashe


      She's doing great now. Looks like whatever was bugging her has passed completely over. :)

      However, she's lost her car keys now and has to use mine. D'oh!

    4. Technician