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  1. Sunday was a pretty rough day for my part of Ohio (southwest) and others too. Remnants of hurricane Ike decided to plow through the area, and some crazy winds were the norm all throughout the day. Some people's power started to go out, but my home was safe until around 17:00, then boom, there goes the power. Ever since then, it's been out. It's usually an easy fix to get the power in my neighbourhood working again, but a lot of the electric company's trucks were sent down to Texas, leaving only a few to deal with the downed lines and other disasters caused by this mini-Ike.

    The lack of power in my area has caused a lot of issues, such as loss of refrigerated food, no computer and internet, and no light at night. I haven't been able to get to my school's website and check for assignments or important notices, which puts me in a predicament as far as getting my work done goes. Right now I'm at my brother's house, which got its power restored earlier today, and I'm using a random laptop we had at home. It sucks, but it's better than nothing. Hopefully within the next few days, the electric company will restore power to my neighbourhood.

    One sort of neat thing that came out of all of this power loss is the fact that one strip of road with lots of restaurants and stores had its power completely knocked out, and my folks and I decided to drive down this particular street at night. It was really creepy driving through a small town with no lights at all, and the Action Doom 2 song for the abandoned house level was playing in my head the whole time. :P

    Anyone else have stories to share about this recent hurricane, whether it's from the hurricane itself or the remains?

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    2. Bloodshedder


      A hurricane having such profound effects 1000+ miles inland is pretty uncommon.

    3. Patrick


      printz said:

      Not meanin' to sound trollish or excessively stupid, but isn't there a hurricane each year there in America? You cope with them all, right?

      Yes, but every year, it impacts different areas, and some storms are stronger than others. For example, I live in Colorado. We get tornadoes in the summer all the time. They don't really have that much of an impact because they mainly occur in the plains and generally don't hit major cities. Most of the people affected are farmers that are covered by hail and wind insurance.

      This year, we had a tornado hit the town of Windsor and completely destroy it. My family lost their house, their car and their business. The tornado stopped about half a mile away from my apartment, but it still broke my main window, downed a ton of trees and dented my car (from the hail)

      Its not necessarily the bad weather itself that's the problem, just the level of preparation. I didnt have hail insurance on my car because tornadoes rarely ever come this come this way, even though it is a legitimate threat.

    4. Kaiser


      Heh, wow.. even when weakening that hurricane still has a serious impact.