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  1. Being the metalhead that I am, and being fed up with constantly passing up good bands coming to Ohio, I finally decided enough was enough. I heard that Kreator and Exodus were coming to Cleveland on the 15th, and I knew "I just have to go to this." Despite Cleveland's distance from Beavercreek (about 4 hours), I convinced my folks into letting me go. My brother and my father came along to what would be my very first metal concert just yesterday afternoon. History was in the making for me.

    The drive there sucked, simply because it took so long and the weather was dreary. My dad's terrible navigation skills got us lost several times before finally getting to the hotel right next to the venue, which was Peabody's Down Under. Even when we got to the hotel, there was still trouble, as the parking procedure was a huge hassle. Eventually, we got settled in.

    Here's a breakdown of the concert:

    As we walked in about 30 minutes after the doors opened, this band was already about halfway done with their set. Having never heard anything by Epicurean, I had really no expectations, but what I heard was not bad at all, and I may have to check them out.

    The first act of the night I actually knew. Warbringer kicked my ass when I heard their War Without End CD on a whim, and they totally kicked my ass last night. Heavy and loud as ever, they played their ubiquitous "Total War" and a couple of cuts from their new CD, coming in May. Unfortunately, their set was truncated due to the fact that they only had a fill-in drummer (form Epicurean) as their real drummer was injured. Despite this, their set still kicked my ass all over the place, and I managed to snag a 2-song demo of their upcoming album as well as a preorder, so when it's out, I'll have it the day of. Lead singer John Kevill was out and about the bar area after his set was done, which was pretty neat. I would have said something, but honestly I was a little starstruck. :P

    Another band I hadn't heard any songs from beforehand, so I was hearing them for the first time when they came up. Blast beat mania from the drums and a typical death metal aural assault from the rest of the band. Another band I'll have to check out later. It was rather amusing how their lead singer was sitting right next to me for basically the entirety of the concert, barring his set of course. I should have shook his hand or something so I had something to rub in my friend's face, who is a big fan of Belphegor.

    Here's when things picked way up. More people appeared at the venue and it was starting to get crowded. Suddenly, the lights went off and stage and there they were: Exodus! They opened with "Bonded by Blood" of course, and went on to play some new and old cuts. I can't say I'm a big fan of the recent Exodus material, but regardless, their set was awesome, and my brother and father were easily amused by Rob Dukes' random comments between songs. Playing "The Toxic Waltz" was fun as the pit got pretty crazy, naturally. Exodus was totally awesome, but nothing could compare to...

    This was it, the main event of the night. After a rather extended set up period, all went dark again and the intro to "Ripping Corpse" could be heard through the speakers, although the band ended up playing their new "Hordes of Chaos" track after the intro. Regardless, they ripped my face off and ate it and totally destroyed my hearing with their set. Mille promised 85 minutes of total terror and he and the band totally delivered that, if not more. I found myself wrecking my neck to the fast tunes (especially the grand finale, "Flag of Hate") and throwing my fist up to bang with Mille himself. They even played "Riot of Violence" with Ventor on vocals! I was hoping they'd play it and they did! What was funny is after "Betrayer" they literally went "thank you good night" and just left...but IT;S A FAEK!!! They came back and finished their set, forcing all of the venue to scream "HATE" for Flag of Hate. Sheer badassness that simply could not be contained. Kreator was easily the best set of the night and it was unbelievable seeing these godly thrashers in person for the first time.

    Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures because my cellphone cam is crappy and I didn't have my real one, but trust me, it was a superb show and I'm glad that such AWESOME bands were my first exposure to the world of live metal. This is truly history for me, and I'm glad it finally happened.

    TL;DR - Bashe goes to a metal show, gets aurally raped, loves it.

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    2. Bashe


      TawmDee said:

      THE BEST


      Also I will see Sum 41 there like mettalicca on there one album!!! so hevey!

    3. Ed


      I lucked out. My first metal concert was the Ozzfest/Black Sabbath reunion in like 98, I think Rob Zombie/Slayer/Fear Factory/and maybe Pantera played that show as well. I fell out of favor with metal music in general after working in a music store for a few years and hearing the same "Chug Chug Wee" Dimebag ripoff riffs every day.

      There are "adult" metal bands out there though. Mastodon is to me a heavier classic rock band, musically and artistically matched as opposed to playing as many notes as possible in the shortest amount of time. I can't STAND Drum Olympics: Double bass / blast beats with no musical integrity besides "look how fast I can play".

      My biggest gripe with metal is that too many bands take themselves too seriously.

    4. Danarchy


      Ed said:

      I lucked out. My first metal concert was the Ozzfest/Black Sabbath reunion in like 98, I think Rob Zombie/Slayer/Fear Factory/and maybe Pantera played that show as well.

      Heh, I saw the original lineup of Black Sabbath at Ozzfest 2001 or so. It was pretty awesome. Aside from that Ozzfest, the only other 'metal' I saw live was a Korn/Rob Zombie show back in '99, unless you're going to count industrial like Skinny Puppy and KMFDM.