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  1. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    Slight question: in the boot order there are actually sub-categories, the SSD has two inner items: "Manjaro" and "UEFI OS". The right order should be "Manjaro" and then "UEFI OS" right? Also, PC is still not done.
  2. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    Update: they got the thing to boot, but they are still keeping the PC to try and figure out why the PC had the boot issues in the first place.
  3. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    I doubt that Lenovo would help, I already opened the case to switch the CMOS battery like twice (old to new then new to old), warranty is practically dead now. I have almost no hope for this thing. Just have to save up and buy another PC at a later date.
  4. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    I probably should have been a bit more specific (sorry about that): The boot thing wasn't really blank as in "nothing", it was more like blank as in "boot option that didn't have anything in it", something like: 1st line - Floppy disc (it doesn't have a floppy disc reader); 2nd - SSD with Manjaro; 3rd - USB drive (no USB drive was plugged in); 4th - scream 1 and 0 trough the microphone (no microphone was plugged in); 5th - DVD drive; etc. The only things with anything specifically named on the boot order were the SSD, the DVD drive and my network card. Would the boot order really be the main culprit here? If so, why did the clock stop working? Maybe I should ask the guy if I really should change the CMOS battery with a newer one. It be nice if this was really so simple and that physically there is nothing wrong with any of the parts, but again - I'm no optimist. The UEFI to Legacy thing was probably the thing that corrupted the Manjaro install. The drive was working fine even when the boot issues occurred, it was only ruined when I switched the UEFI to Legacy, because I'm just that fucking stupid.
  5. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    I wouldn't count myself as lucky. My inner pessimist believes that I will receive the computer and it will get another boot problem in a few days or some other worse problem soon. My inner realist believes that it will be fine at first and then in like 2-6 months the problems will come back, possibly in a worse state. I have no inner optimist. The thing that I get caught up on is the supposed solution for the boot problem (it was always fine with whatever boot sequence it always had since the day that I bought that thing and the boot problem only happens now? And it's fixed by rearranging the boot order?) and the thing that @Murdoch brought up about it most likely being a possible faulty board or part issue.
  6. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    Okay, weird update: I sent my PC to a repair-guy and in like 30 minutes he repairs it (I guess?). He said that the boot problem stems from the fact that the boot order in the BIOS was incorrect (like it was something like: 1st line - blank; 2nd - SSD with Manjaro; 3rd and 4th - blank; 5th - DVD; etc.). Which is weird because the PC worked fine all this time and only now the boot issues happened. Luckily he said that I won't have to pay anything which was nice of him, but I also asked him to zero-out the SSD. Before I sent the PC to him - I did put the old CMOS battery back in because on further inspection - there was no leakage on it, not even on the board of the computer, I suspect that the old battery is fine. I will pick up the computer on the next day.
  7. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    6 months. Also, I'm pretty sure that I have voided any warranty that came with the PC by installing Linux on it, in other words - I wasted money on it and I can't get any back.
  8. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    @Murdoch Can a repair guy fix it or is it fucked?
  9. Ar_e_en

    I broke my computer (sending from an old PC)

    Changed the CMOS battery, the boot issue still persists. It seems that the clock is saved now (I think, It could break again for all I know). Drive is still corrupted, but that can be changed or zeroed out.
  10. I'll make this as short as possible. Computer broke. It is a Lenovo Thinkstation m83, the problem: on boot up the Lenovo screen pops up as usual, then it shuts down, reboots itself and starts working as normal. Decided to try and fix it by following some guides: checked the bios clock display - it was incorrect so I set it to be correct, boot problems persist and bios clock reads incorrect date again, try something else (like an idiot) - changed bios from UEFI to Legacy - my drive gets corrupted and I can't launch Manjaro Linux (Luckily, I have my files backed up). It probably has something to do with the CMOS battery. So yeah, I broke my computer like a moron. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm sending this from an old computer: I am so sorry, but I have to drop out of this. My main computer is having boot issues and my drive is corrupted. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you're gonna have to find someone else to make map 21. :(
  12. I'm guessing that if I use OTEX textures in my wad - I should only put the textures I used in the wad file and not the full OTEX package. Once I've finished my wad - Is there a way to set up my wad in SLADE so that it only has the textures that I used?
  13. Okay, I think I can work with this. Quick question: Line type 271 for custom skies is allowed, right?
  14. Ar_e_en

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    5 Extra Fun Heavy Metal Facts: Despite fan consensus - there might be scientific proof that Primus doesn't suck. Mike Patton is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, he considers them to be his number one influence! Lars Ulrich never actually went after Napster, he merely pretended to go after Napster in order to protect the reputation of his best friend - who was the true person responsible for Napster's legal troubles. That friends name: Rob Halford is such a huge Nintendo fan that he licensed the Judas Priest song "Painkiller" to appear in the game "Tomodachi Life" for the Nintendo 3DS. There is currently a civil war happening on the internet between two warring factions - those who love "Bury the Light" from Devil May Cry 5 and those who love "Rules of Nature" from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The war is fought over the question "Which one is better?". It is a bloody and ruthless war where people lose their minds, shit-flinging is at an all-time high, online forum topics get shutdown after 2 posts, there are riots in the streets, people are getting mowed down left and right! But regardless of who loses, one thing will always be certain: