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  1. I just remembered the briefing tapes from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. There were a bunch of great tapes from that game, but I specifically remember the funny ones (Big Boss believing in Santa Claus, Cecile being drunk, Big Boss fangirling about box tanks, etc.). But one that I want to bring attention to is actually the first tape that you get in the game - "Between Two Women". Technically, it's not supposed to be a funny tape, but I just find it to be hilarious!
  2. Ar_e_en

    Lost Media Wads or Resources

    Damn, that does look really good! Shame it's not finished :(
  3. Ar_e_en

    Good music

    I still listen to Helloween from time to time, even after I grew out of most metal from my teenage years. Anyway, here's my post: The most 70's prog-rock cheese that I have ever heard in my life, but in a good way!
  4. Do you have any non-music related audio experiences that you like? Things like audio-plays, dramatic readings, audio-logs (from fiction or even real life), etc. I would like to request that you refrain from mentioning podcasts here, because podcasts are a bit too obvious of an answer (and they might require their own dedicated thread). However, if there is a moment or segment from a podcast that is unique, special or unlike anything in that specific podcast - I will be fine with it, so long as it's just that specific moment or segment. Here's a fandub of Agent T's diary from the Yahtzee Croshaw game "The Consuming Shadow". It's quite spooky (the background ambiance really adds a lot to the atmosphere) and the performance is top-notch! One of my favorite sets of audio-logs from any game. Without them - I don't think that The Jackal from FarCry 2 would have been as good of an antagonist as he already is. It really adds a lot to his character.
  5. SR40 is a normal strafe run, SR50 is "forward walk" + "side strafe" + "side turn" + "strafe modifier". As for the mouse movement flick - I'm not sure if that has an effect on the combined movement speed, maybe it does add a bit of speed to your SR40 (making it a brief SR50). It would not surprise me if an SR50 caused the lines to skip, it's not a common movement trick (unless you're a speedrunner or a long time professional player). Although, now I wonder - is it possible to combine an SR50 with a mouse movement flick to create the mythical SR60?
  6. Ar_e_en

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    With modern rednecks? What would that even be like?
  7. Ar_e_en

    What are you listening to?

    An odd mix of songs that I've been listening to lately.
  8. Ar_e_en

    What Are We Drinking?

    I've been dealing with some minor tech issues, so I'm drinking some blackcurrant cider to relax my mind, if the tech issues were major - I would have broken out the whiskey. Also, from what I've heard - blackcurrant and things flavored with blackcurrants are apparently uncommon in Northern America (due to a fungus that harmlessly clings to blackcurrants, but has a tendency to infect and kill American pine trees).
  9. Ar_e_en

    Doomcute thread

    That's pretty nice!
  10. Ignore this question, I finally found the SLADE versions through "drdteam" in the debian database!
  11. I updated my Linux OS and SLADE's newest version (3.2 and above) doesn't run. I tried compiling an older version from the source code, but it didn't work. The quickest solution I can think of is to just get the debian package for version 3.1.13, but I can't find it anywhere. Where can I find it?
  12. Ar_e_en

    Is this modified COLORMAP alright?

    @ReaperAA Thanks man!
  13. I was actually thinking about the concept of such a tool months ago, but in reverse. A piece of software that would take a DOOM map and convert it to Quake, so one could build the base map in a DOOM editor and then add details in a Quake editor. I didn't think that a Quake to DOOM converter was possible, but I guess I forgot that UDMF existed.