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  1. wolf

    Fastest OpenGL source port engine for WADS?

    when i play new level on gzdoom,engine lower my brightness.. only in open_gl,excample: i playing map1 going to map2 & engine lower level of brihtness
  2. wolf

    Fastest OpenGL source port engine for WADS?

    firts i try run gzdoom on gf2 pro 64mb,in pci-e vga era: i have ati x550/nv 7300gt/ati 2600xt/ati 3650/4650,i have no problems runing gzdoom on ati card... ok. my first open_gl port is legacy_gl,doomsday.zdoom_gl,edge 1.26,for now it is gzdoom+skulltag..
  3. wolf

    What ports do YOU use?

    i have in use:gzdoom[trying keep on my hardrive latest rev.] zdoom[latest] & edge 1.34 .. thats all ..
  4. good work... im only mising laser trip mine's .... i have on my hardrive some pwad's from newstuff chronicles,it is best testing for your mod ....
  5. zdoom + gzdoom & edge for testing map's from dw newstuff chronicles ...
  6. wolf

    The assault on Grinava : DONE

    nice map gameplay is good, it is too short but work's perfectly with mod for zdoom .. my result is: good one need more
  7. wolf

    Gun mod poll

    i vote for thompson m1a1 smg & for m1 garand rifle ... mac10 is looking nice too .. :D
  8. wolf


    ok i have idea my problem is now done ... mod's you may move this to the hell post's thx
  9. wolf


    donce: pokud vas spravne chapu tak to mohli brat jako spam ze? no to jejich problem.. at si svoje forum nechaji,tohle 4um je stejne dobre jako to jejich ... donce: i know on newdoom is may action with acount can be seem's as spam form.. ok i begin going here on dw 4um,there is same good post from doom universe .... it is all from me ...
  10. wolf


    you mean baned me at newdoom.com 4um for double registration? it is posible, but i create second acount for question why my previous acount deleting without any explain, i post here for any posible form help or explain ..
  11. wolf


    hello people i have question for you there is text my for my problem god day i have acount on http://www.newdoom.com/ forum's my acount is been,again disabling,now i have this mesage on newdoom 4um You have been banned for the following reason: None Date the ban will be lifted: Never.when i have my acount disabled, i create new acount today pm to solve this problem & now on evening i have bann on this 4um. i have questing for what hapen ? i create this only for solve my problem's with acount! thank you for your time & your ansver .. now i have question what i doing bad? i only create an acount on newdoom 4um a this is been deleted from database,i create acount for question what hapen & solve this problem. thx you .. i hope this dont baning me there
  12. wolf

    MoUAC (2002) Re-release

    ultimate doom plaiyng with this mod is quite more interesting,thx the edge 1.29rc3 for reloading scripts ..[now may planing reloads my guns in the game] & thx to autor this mod for update ... good work .. btw marines of uac with story line ? i see some of them on www wads in the progres,any details ?
  13. wolf

    MoUAC (2002) Re-release

    ok pistol maybe replacing with this: hamerlles variant revolver or deringer .. or s&w style gun like the s&w 38. special may the same i wiev this in poweslave or icd-se ... ;o) mp5 navy has have in the real 30 rounds clip size but mp5k has variant 15 or 30 rounds clip size try check using m203 tactitacal launcher in this mod ... i wiev this in the episode of stargate & looks cool ....
  14. wolf

    MoUAC (2002) Re-release

    http://forum.pctuning.cz/gallery/albums/userpics/11888/normal_mouac2.jpg http://forum.pctuning.cz/gallery/albums/userpics/11888/normal_mouac1.jpg
  15. wolf


    ucte se jazyky at si tu muzem pokecat cesky cau mejte se fajn!!