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  1. PrBoom+: 6 GZDoom: 2 Chocolate Doom: 1 I must say that I love the new stuff the UMAPINFO fork is releasing
  2. whou

    [SOLVED] Can't compile Eternity with MSYS2

    You could try just downloading the standalone Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019, which you can just install the compiler and build tools binaries and use them normally as a CLI. In the end the Build Tools for C++ base install size reaches 6 GB + 1,2 GB from the MFC Libraries required to compile Eternity, which is still quite big and bloated if you ask me, but it should be the bare minimum to compile anything with Visual Studio. If you do decide installing it, the build commands are a little diferent. Just use CMake normally but targetting Visual Studio 16 2019 with cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" Then to compile the project cd into the build directory and use msbuild "Eternity Engine.sln" /p:Configuration=Release For some reason my bash can't recognise msbuild, so this part you can just do in cmd and it should compile just as a normal Visual Studio project. I did try compiling the source myself using only the Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 installation and succeeded, so it should be fine.
  3. Played in GZDoom in Ultra-Violence I absolutely loved the map, I had tons of fun playing it! Every room has cool visuals and good fights. The only thing I could point out is that the monster traps became very predictable and a little worn out after 2/3 of the map, since almost every room had some sort of trap I stopped getting surprised and knew what were coming almost every time. Really, besides that I enjoyed playing every minute of it. Expecting to see more WADS like this from you in the future, good job man! I'm kind of a less than average player, so I certainly didn't even tried 100% it.
  4. whou

    What are your favourite album cover arts?

    Twenty One Pilots' self-titled album cover is so cool. It certainly isn't their best album by far (understandably so, since it's their first one), but it has my favorite cover. Now, Not Yet by half•alive. Cool band, cool album, simple and pleasing cover. That's Why I Gave Up On Music by Yorushika. Not only this one, but everything else by Yorushika is an amazing entry point to j-pop. STRAY SHEEP by Kenshi Yonezu.
  5. Tell me your personal record of how much maps of a single or multiple wads you were able to play in a single day! My own record is 20 maps while I was playing Scythe for the first time. I was having an awesome time and fun with the wad, and even I was surprised with it, since I started playing Doom recently and I can take quite some time to finish a megawad.
  6. whou

    Widescreen Assets Appreciation Thread

    oh no, I'm sorry. Didn't realized that you were talking about animations and markers support. My bad. and you were completely right, I did test it with other source ports that aren't ZDoom derived and they didn't even showed the custom static INTERPIC of the fix wad
  7. whou

    Widescreen Assets Appreciation Thread

    I hate being the "UhM aCtUaLlY" guy (I'm stupid, didn't realized you were talking about animated assets support which aren't supported by any non-ZDoom derived source ports, sorry), but fortunately Crispy Doom added support for widescreen assets on the 5.10.0 release. As for PRBoom+, though the most recent PRBoom+/UMAPINFO official release doesn't support it, recent development builds did added support to it. Fortunately you don't need to compile it by yourself, just going to the PRBoom+ repo actions page you can choose which build you want (just the most recent one is fine) and at the bottom of the page are the binaries downloads. And to get the necessary .dll files to run it, you can just get it from the github repo or simply from the version you already have. I highly recommend you to update your releases of these source ports in case you didn't, since both of them have been adding a lot of new features! Last time I checked the only ones that don't have support for widescreen assets are Chocolate Doom (for obvious reasons), Eternity, Odamex and Zandronum. ZDaemon does support it, but the widescreen status bar has a visual glitch. Hell, even Doom Retro and Russian Doom support it.
    Very cool and creative wad! Shootable switches are used very well, and how each level had some new way of playing with these concepts and moving around the area is pretty fun and creative. Seeing the levels being redesigned while still maintaining their visual style and """quirk""" was interesting. By far the most memorable level was MAP24 The Chasm, which even though only had the Pinky blue room I liked having to try to avoid all the attacks in this tight space and trying to kill all of them. MAP26 The Abandoned Mines was one of my favorites too, definetly my favorite fight on the wad. Oh, and it'd be funny to mention how I was wrong to think Nirvana couldn't possibly be better lol. The Icon of Sin fight sucks even more, though it's not the wad's fault, it's just the boss + the tight space. Needless to say that this is almost, if not just straight impossible to beat without cheats, though I don't think anyone should even care about using cheats or not in this. Very fun and cool one hour experience!