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  1. I recently finished the first part and suddenly the second one is here omg !! then I like it nice secrets
  2. I finished yesterday on UV !! For as long as I can remember, I haven't played anything with 32 maps :-) very nice work I enjoyed that :-)
  3. YEAHHH yeahh thank you very much for the feedback...we will fine tune it in the next update. yes you are right in the level there is a two-phase secret that unlocks a secret arena with a special fight. the clue is a red skull on the ground in two places :-)
  4. Ohhhhhh thank you very much for the video :-))You found a bug I didn't know...this platform was never supposed to go all the way down..it happened because the switch is tripped :-DDDDshiiit
  5. We have the first update !!!!!! fixes + new map https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/romsuvsall-update-1 Lets play !!!! enjoy :-)
  6. ohhh ouuu thank you for the video !! this switch at the top of the elevator separated you from the correct procedure :-) and this switch reacts to shooting, I don't know why it didn't react to you :-) by picking up the red key, you have fulfilled one part of getting into the great secret (secret battle) thank you very much and hopefully you will have better luck in the second map :-))))
  7. yeahhh yeahhh thnx:-) Ted nevim jestli je zaplej překladač nebo jestli sem fakt píšeš česky :-D všechno opravíme !! Sektor 1740 jde projí ale né když je tam ten slepec pinky jeho mrtvola vytváří určitou výšku. Každopadne to neni konec tyhle dvě mapy jsem udelal ted behem pul roku přitom po architeku usilovne pracuji na novych vecech takze bych moc rad jeste do konce roku přihodil další 2-3 !! A jak jsem řikal Romsu vs Allrealms bude ted platforma kam budu hazet všechny mapy co udelam.
  8. ohhhh thnx for playing and feedback !!! nice game play
  9. hI I present to you the platform where I will now give maps as a taster, I will then give you these two beautiful maps ! I would like to thank you that you liked the Archi-tek and received an cacoaward :_) https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Archi-TEK The maps are large and full of detail. watch out for secrets because they are also big locations important to get more ammo and bonus and secret fights. I have more maps in the process, expect updates !!!! MAP01 - "near dark" is doom1 style more secret location, atmospheric vibe, more details, traps, 3Dfloors , Monsters: 364 Secrets: 4 MAP02 - "Protocol 89" is very cold place in deep space Monsters: 218 Secrets: 9 -!!!!!NEW!!!!!- MAP03 - "Sector" 89 Monsters: 590 Secrets: 6 gameplay: classic doom keys traps battles. No crouch No jump. mouselook yes tested : GZdoom, in zandronum crashed textures : Otex and more sounds: new plasma sound new monsters : blind pinky, marauder, dark cardinal l Download :https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/romsuvsall-update-1 Thnx for playing :-) and feedback..... i need to see gameplays :-D
  10. romsu89

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    it will be fixed in the final product :-D
  11. romsu89

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Romsu vs all realms !!!