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  1. Linuxmaster1992

    Post a picture...that you took

    Greatest city in da world
  2. Linuxmaster1992

    What are you listening to?

    Disjoin - Sever Ties New Jersey hardcore punk!!!!!
  3. Linuxmaster1992

    What are you listening to?

    Niiiice, good to see some punk here!
  4. Linuxmaster1992

    What are you currently reading?

    I've been reading two very different books, the sci-fi classic Time Storm by Gordon R. Dickson, and The Urbanization of New Jersey by J. Bebout and R. Grele
  5. Linuxmaster1992

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    I have a small CD player in my bedroom. I enjoy collecting CDs, it's fun browsing for something new at a record store!
  6. 1 BAD OPERATION - BAD OPERATION 2 Ramones - Rocket to Russia 3 Incendiary - Change the Way You Think About Pain 4 Total Chaos - We Are The Future, We Are The Punks 5 Freezeheads - 96 Rats 6 Mechanical Canine - Walls Covered in Mildew 7 Reaching Out - What Was Left 8 Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor 9 Bim Skala Bim - Krinkle 10 Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb 11 Jeff Rosenstock - NO DREAM (and ska dream) 12 Bomb the Music Industry! - Get Warmer
  7. Linuxmaster1992

    What are you listening to?

  8. Linuxmaster1992

    Our Band's First Album

    Damn, this is chill. Imma follow you guys on bandcamp I love the trombone here, absolutely radical!
  9. Linuxmaster1992

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I bought a whole bunch of ska and punk CDs
  10. Linuxmaster1992

    What Are you Proud of?

    I've been improving my musical skills a whole lot this year. I've become much better at Trombone, and am improving nicely at Euphonium/Baritone Horn. I'm probably gonna try to pick up the Tuba soon.
  11. Linuxmaster1992

    Most recent movie you saw

    Repo Man It's a strange movie with little in the way of plot, but it has punk rock n shit so it's awesome!
  12. Linuxmaster1992

    What are you listening to?

  13. Linuxmaster1992

    DOOM Gaming on LINUX

    Both of those systems should be able to handle your dooming needs, I am able to run gzdoom on my crappy laptop, so it should work perfectly on your higher end system. If you need to compile gzdoom for anything it's not that hard, the only really hard part is getting the dependencies. WINE is how you launch windows programs. Install it. Then, open your terminal and cd to the directory your windows program is in. Then, in the terminal, type: wine ./program.exe it should launch it without an issue 90% of the time