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  1. Linuxmaster1992

    DOOM Gaming on LINUX

    Both of those systems should be able to handle your dooming needs, I am able to run gzdoom on my crappy laptop, so it should work perfectly on your higher end system. If you need to compile gzdoom for anything it's not that hard, the only really hard part is getting the dependencies. WINE is how you launch windows programs. Install it. Then, open your terminal and cd to the directory your windows program is in. Then, in the terminal, type: wine ./program.exe it should launch it without an issue 90% of the time
  2. Linuxmaster1992

    DOOM Gaming on LINUX

    There is a good editor called Eureka for linux. 99% of source ports have linux versions. UDB can be compiled on linux or it can be run through wine. Most windows only programs will work pretty much issue free through wine. SLADE flatpak works pretty well, flatpak is just a way to distribute linux programs more easily, it's pretty neat.
  3. Linuxmaster1992

    Post a picture...that you took

    This is an image I took on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey. It looks pretty nice imo
  4. Linuxmaster1992

    Quake Remastered

    The remaster is nice, and I'm happy that the game has some more potential, however, I do have a complaint. Bethesda.net never works for me on any Steam game, it just wont connect, which is kind of annoying. Hopefully it's just a proton issue, and not a bug with my account.
  5. Linuxmaster1992

    Quake and Doom goofy?

    I feel that this poster is kind of silly. "Old soldiers never die, they just turn into mutant zombies" Just makes me laugh for some reason, especially due to the fact that "mutant zombies" is in a tiny font compared to the rest.
  6. Linuxmaster1992

    What's everyones opinion on Doom Online?

    I personally enjoy playing deathmatch. I used to use Zandronum, but all of the servers were bogged down with tons of mods, so I went to Odamex. So far, all of the Doomers I've played with online have been nice people, and I always have a good time.
  7. Linuxmaster1992

    What's everyones opinion on Doom Online?

    Odamex usually has lots of vanilla servers available. You should try that port :)
  8. Linuxmaster1992

    what do you use doom as

    I use Doom to give myself faith in humanity (the community is so wholesome and creative)
  9. Linuxmaster1992

    I'm Doom (Can't compile with MSVS2017 Windows 10)

    Cool. Good job on figuring it out :) Enjoy Dooming!
  10. Linuxmaster1992

    Finally a real mobile Doom with ads and microtransactions!

    Doomwiki for life!
  11. Linuxmaster1992

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    Sleepy kitty! This is my 14 year old cat Mai-Tai.
  12. Linuxmaster1992

    what is the best milk

    I like the vanilla milk experience, on DOSbox, using the milk 1.9 executable.
  13. Linuxmaster1992

    Rem (Commercial)

    Where can I get this?
  14. Linuxmaster1992

    which source port is good for a toaster

    Eternity is nice as well, and it runs all Boom and MBF mods, as well as cool Eternity only mods.
  15. Linuxmaster1992

    which source port is good for a toaster

    lzdoom is good, since it runs better than gzdoom, while still supporting the cool mods.