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  1. Linuxmaster1992

    I'm Doom (Can't compile with MSVS2017 Windows 10)

    Cool. Good job on figuring it out :) Enjoy Dooming!
  2. Linuxmaster1992

    Finally a real mobile Doom with ads and microtransactions!

    Doomwiki for life!
  3. Linuxmaster1992

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    Sleepy kitty! This is my 14 year old cat Mai-Tai.
  4. Linuxmaster1992

    what is the best milk

    I like the vanilla milk experience, on DOSbox, using the milk 1.9 executable.
  5. Linuxmaster1992

    Rem (Commercial)

    Where can I get this?
  6. Linuxmaster1992

    which source port is good for a toaster

    Eternity is nice as well, and it runs all Boom and MBF mods, as well as cool Eternity only mods.
  7. Linuxmaster1992

    which source port is good for a toaster

    lzdoom is good, since it runs better than gzdoom, while still supporting the cool mods.
  8. Linuxmaster1992

    which source port is good for a toaster

    chocolate doom can run on anything.
  9. Linuxmaster1992

    So where does your username come from?

    I chose this name because I like Linux, and I am good at using it. I chose 1992 because it's when the Commodore Amiga 1200, a great computer, came out. Nothing too crazy for my name.
  10. Linuxmaster1992

    Post your Desktop Background

    This is the Burgruine in the village Steinebach an der Wied, Germany. I went there once to visit some relatives, and I liked the look of the ruined castle on the edge of the village, so I found this picture online and set it as my background.
  11. Linuxmaster1992

    Somber Density: MOD and Map Pack for the Eternity Engine

    It's cool seeing new content for the Eternity Engine (The best Doom port). Keep up the good work! :-)
  12. Linuxmaster1992

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    Eternity. It has good options and graphics, and eternity mods are INSANE! Second would be Odamex for multiplayer. It is the fastest and closest to vanilla out of the multiplayer ports. I will occasionally use GZDoom for mods that require it, like The Golden Souls.
  13. Linuxmaster1992

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    This is amazing as well
  14. Linuxmaster1992

    DBP34: Luminous Gloom

    This is epic. I LOVE the green color scheme. The designs are very creative, and the levels are quite fun. I will nominate this for a cacoward. So far I've played levels 1 and 2.
  15. Linuxmaster1992

    Eternity engine crash when changing screen size