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  1. WW2: Inferno campaign is a gameplay mod based [obviously] on the great second war. Currently, most mods based on the second world war, are based on the wolfenstein games, (not bad), but of course I came up with the idea of creating a mod similar to games like battlefield. This mod contains, and will contain, the main weapons of each army that participated in this war, such as the USSR, USA, Germany, UK, Japan, etc. It is also intended for zandronum source port, so it has a death match and cooperative support [Experimental]. I hope u like it :D comment your opinions or suggestions here or on my Discord channel, Credits in menu game. See my progress here: Discord invitation!! Download section [updates automatically]: Download base file Download tanks file!! Manual [outdated] PD: It's very important to read the manual, it's outdated I know, but is very useful Screenies: Videos:
  2. Hello, This is officially my first map that I publish here officially, so, a few months ago I downloaded the sourceport k8vavoom, I really liked the way to make shadows, and the lighting, so I decided to make a test map so that more people be encouraged to support this source port. This map requires OTEXv1.1, you just load the otex file first and then my map, so you will need to use zdl or some launcher Map link: via mediafire Otex link: via idgames FaQ: Q: do you need to jump or crouch? no, it is not necessary Q: can i play with other mods? yes, only that k8vavoom has a limited catalog of mods that work on its engine Q: Otex and K8 Vavoom are required? yes, preferably Other links: my k8 config: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rz8v7hk19lyy86a/config.cfg/file k8vavoom link:
  3. I think it's a good idea, maybe original, keep it under development