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  1. Damn this map is good. I really like how you divert the player's attention from some enemies by putting others right in front of them (or maybe I'm just blind :p). The secrets were also really well hidden, the only one I couldn't find was the one with the berserk (though at the end with some "hints ;)" I managed to find out). The fights were really fun, and even though they didn't kill me some of them caught me off guard and barely managed to survive. After finishing my playthrough I decided to record a uvmax of the map and got a 9:49 on my 3rd attempt. On the first one I got extremely unlucky because one archvile lit me on fire with no sound or visuals whatsoever and on the 2nd I tried doing the 2nd to last fight without the cyberdemon only to find out that it was a really bad idea. I think the time could be lowered to a 9:00 or a 8:30 even, I got extremely unlucky cyberdemon infighting and in one point I got lost like a dummy. slvr01m949.zip Video:
  2. Casual playthrough in UV starting with map01. I'll probably be posting the uploads of the next few maps in groups so as to not spam the thread:
  3. Blip

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Doom II - PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - Map01 casual playthrough
  4. Blip

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Flotsam UV-Max in 3:02
  5. Blip

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Crumpets map08 and map09 causal UV-Max
  6. Just found out about this new version yesterday and decided to give the map a second try because the original one kicked my (and my framerate's) ass. Holy shit, this remaster is amazing. Every fight feels soooooooooo good to pull off with one's own strategy. The fights that gave me the most trouble were I loved entropy's monster design, so it's really cool to see some of them back and recolored. The new textures are also amazing. Framerate is still kind of wonky at times, but it really isn't an issue in most fights except from maybe the last one, and only in some specific angles. I really, REALLY had a blast, so much that it left me wanting for more. Can't wait for your next project!
  7. Blip

    DBP39: Carnage Oasis

    This mapset was pretty fun! I enjoy the desert techbases and the texture pack used, they remind me of games I used to play as a child in the early 00s (like starwars shadow of the empire). The maps seem to be inspired on classic mapsets much like the ones DBP38, and this one also does pretty well in feeling like an oldschool wad with better map design. Some bugs I found (dsda-doom 0.19.7 cl2): On map04, the red door that leads to the B button can be opened by enemies, allowing to sequence break the map. On map07, there is a spot that can block your shots (don't know if there are any others like that in this map). Attached picture reproducing the bug. On map09, the secret soulsphere can be grabbed through the wall. On map10, there seems to be a mancubus stuck in one of the spawners (from what I've seen, he should spawn with some pinkies around the final area). I really can't wait for DBP40 to drop, this series is freaking amazing!
  8. Listening to a midi rendition of the second utena ending on stx vile stream felt extremely cursed, which is saying something because it already felt cursed from the get go. I wanted to play it but now I have to (especially after discovering that these were slaughtermaps and made by you).
  9. Attack on IO map07 UV-Max in 2:16 (I got it!) atkio07m216.zip Video:
  10. I was afraid that desyncs were going to happen between releases, but I enjoyed the mapset so much I couldn't wait any longer for the final release. Regarding the use of the sprite fix wad, that's totally my bad I really should have known that wasn't allowed. I'll try uploading map07 with a good time (Did some runs but I'm not pleased with my pb), and I'll try doing the other ones eventually because I don't have that much time since I started working. I really appreciated you telling me all this stuff!
  11. Blip

    Sol Ank - 10 hard maps

    This a pretty nice compilation of your work. Map01, Map03, Map05, Map07 and Map30 were the only ones I didn't play before, so I'll talk about them. Map01 is pretty good, the beginning feels extremely awkward but after that it's pretty fun. I really liked the archvile and imp fight and the big fight too, though I wasn't able to finish the map because I saved before cleaning up of the big fight and didn't notice that a door with 15 or so archviles opened. I'll probably come back some day and finish it though it didn't really ruin my opinion of the map apart from being slightly blind unfriendly in that particular moment. Map03 is very fun if you want to kill some time, but after a while it gets pretty repetitive. Map05 is really hard at the start, but it seems to get a bit easier after opening the key doors (though I have to admit I save scummed). Wasn't a big fan of the toxic floor at the start of Map07, but apart from that the fights were really cool. I really like the strategy involved in Map30, though I have to admit I was lost at the start because I'm dumb and didn't even check behind me. I wasn't a big fan of the archvile tower at the end because you have to rely on the enemies behind you not shooting your back and it feels kind of grindy to poke at the archviles with the bfg. I did like how you used the icon of sin spawners and having to time keygrabs and such, though I feel most of the time the enemies end up telefragging each other a lot. I would say this map isn't blind friendly, but at the same time I barely payed attention to the color coded walls and stuff so that's most likely on me. Overall pretty cool maps!
  12. Blip

    DBP38: Chronicles of Ghost Town

    Just finished playing this wad today. It feels like classic doom wads with modern mapping standards, which is pretty cool. The only map I didn't really enjoy was map16 due to its secret heavy-ish nature I really had a blast, it was a pretty good follow up to zenith. I'm really looking forward to the next DBP iteration!
  13. Short but fun map (I still don't know what you meant with the switch in the first room). Tested in both gzdoom and dsda doom. Had no issues with gzdoom but in dsda doom the ssg and chaingun lifts didn't work. My only problem is with the color coding of doors, you should use the keys texture to mark that a door can be opened with that key, not that the key is in that room. The combat was pretty cool, can't wait to see more maps from you!
  14. Blip

    Cosmogenesis (-cl9, slaughter)

    Happened to me at the start of map02, that imp wall is just extremely frustrating with the revenant missiles hitting you from across the map and the low bfg ammo you have to push through the imps I also got quite frustrated doing the pinky bridge. Apart from those things, map01 was a blast, I had a lot of fun playing it.
  15. Blip

    Cosmogenesis (-cl9, slaughter)

    Holy crap I literally have 1fps in map05 with dsda doom and a decent mid range computer, you weren't joking.
  16. Blip

    First map - Baron's Lair.

    Sorry for the long wait, I suddenly had a lot of college stuff to do + job interviews. blairm2053.zip
  17. I finished all maps except for map06 (too hectic for my taste, might try it at another time). The thing I liked most was figuring out strategies for fights which were roadblocks last time I played this wad, back when the first version was released. Apart from a couple of fights I don't entirely like (Especially the end of map01), these maps were pretty fun to go through!
  18. Just played these maps pistol start and mostly saveless. Found no issues on the technical side of things (dsda-doom -cl9) nor balancing wise. The music and the texture usage is excellent, gives me big stardate 20x6 and valiant vibes regarding the looks. Difficulty wise it's pretty good, it gives you all the necessary tools. Some arenas can get pretty tense, especially the ones in map05, but there's always enough health to deal with them. Secrets were pretty good, there were a couple of them I didn't bother to find but they seemed to be pretty well hidden, though there are enough clues for most of them if you observe your surroundings. All around awesome stuff, looking forward for the full release!
  19. Ok just played the new maps. Map04: Pretty cool platforming map. I'm not a big fan of them so there's not much I can say, other than it's pretty cool I had to save scum it and also IDDQD because I didn't want to bother with the lost souls chipping away my hp. My only gripes with it were the start and the end sections. Map31: I really hope you finish this wad before the end of year, map31 alone could get a cacoaward nomination imo, really memorable stuff.
  20. Blip

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    Just finished the remaining maps and they were awesome, they get really mean by the end. I probably died more times at the start of map20 than all non secret maps combined. I enjoyed this mapset a lot, to the point I'm considering uvmaxing each map once map32 drops (I already have done most of them minus missing a couple of secrets, but I wanted to record them for fun and also as an excuse to play them again :) ).
  21. Blip

    Cydonia [/idgames]

    I've played the first 9 maps so far and they are VERY good. This is just great some fights have really great pressure (Like the end of map09, great fight) and even though the maps are really short some are very challenging (map05 and map07 come to mind), the secrets are really good/well hidden.
  22. Blip

    First map - Baron's Lair.

    Ok just finished playing the updated version and now the voodoo doll at the end works. I checked the last version and the voodoo doll wouldn't teleport so I don't know if some tag was screwed up and wasn't updated as it happened with that damaging floor from the last version. I found a new issue in the flesh pile with the soulsphere. The issue is that you can easily get stuck in the small gaps due to the invisible walls. I really like what you did to the secrets, showing the player some hidden rooms with weapons and goodies. This map is really enjoyable and I'm planning on recording an UV-MAX demo and uploading it to youtube, as now I'm pretty familiar with the map and its secrets (I think there's only 1 secret I didn't find but nothing a quick nomonsters run can't do :) ).
  23. Blip

    First map - Baron's Lair.

    Sure, I'm using gzdoom 4.6.0 with default comp settings, though I just read that both you and bio have the same version, which is indeed weird (maybe it's related to compatibility settings?) The only thing I'm running with the wad is the sprite fix project from revenant100, which doesn't change anything gameplay related. I'll try playing the updated map again and will give any feedback if needed (I'll especially check the voodoo doll stuff to see if I can find the cause).
  24. Blip

    First map - Baron's Lair.

    Just finished playing this map. First of all, the level is gorgeous and the fights and traps are pretty brutal overall (traps especially). Difficulty wise it is pretty good, the sniping revenants and the enemies that appear out of nowhere in front of you can be annoying (especially the revs if you don't grab the railgun) and the archvile and pain elemental usage is pretty evil, though they can be dealt with pretty nicely. Things I noticed while playing: The railgun is batshit insane broken, especially because it uses bullets. Either make it use plasma, use more ammo, or just make the secret really really hard to find, but being able to 2 shot archviles with 20 bullets shouldn't be allowed at all. The doors for the switch hunt room should probably be locked until their lights turn on, else it makes it kind of confusing (it isn't honestly that bad, it is at most a really mild annoyance/nitpick). The ground with grass on this area that is on the picture is tagged as a damaging floor and hurts you while trying to grab the rockets You shouldn't script a fight to start with an item pickup and you shouldn't open doors if the invisible barriers won't open until you grab an item (Both megaspheres before the red key shouldn't be mandatory grabs for progression). Maybe the solution could be to move the trigger after leaving the rocket launcher room. Some secrets are behind walls that aren't obvious (plasma secret especially) or are kind of weird to tag (also plasma secret), though I couldn't find beyond 9 secrets (3 of them only after gaining the area map), so maybe it isn't the case with most of them and they are just pretty well hidden. I couldn't end the map because the bars never lowered. But also Apart from that, this map is seriously pretty impressive, I'm really looking forward to see more maps from you.
  25. Blip

    Mortal Mechanism - my first UDMF wad

    Damn this is really cool vanilla texture usage, I really liked the look of the map I was pretty surprised. The layout was pretty good considering it is pretty big and I barely got lost, I enjoy that the switches always are close to the things that they open. Also, the BFG puzzle was fun. The secret fight was pretty cool, but I was honestly expecting more secret fights with them or more usage of the gimmick. I didn't really like the last fight, all those rooms around it feel weird and pointless and the fight itself is really underwhelming considering I there were like 300 enemies left. I'm really looking forward to seeing more maps from you!