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  1. I enjoyed the map, even though it's pretty simple it felt pretty dreamy and nostalgic. The only things that felt really off to me were a couple of secrets that weren't very obvious or rewarding (specially the chaingunner platform secret that has both problems), the low-ish amount of health pickups and armor (it was mostly fine, but a couple more stimpacks would be nice for dealing with the hitscan damage.) and the last fight that has a narrow entrance. Other than that, it was pretty cool, made me feel really nostalgic of those times where I was a child and played on the family computer :)
  2. Blip

    Hard Megawads

    Death in Excess (18 maps) NoReason Speedmaps 2 Sunder (21 maps) Flotsam (16 maps. Some maps require quite a bit of platforming.) Delirium (15 maps. It's pretty recent buy very good, it starts getting really hard around map10.) Speed of doom Slaughterfest 2011, 2012 and 3 Time Of Death's ESP'S (This one's kind of cheating as it is a compilation of already released hard maps from the author)
  3. I have played the first five maps uv saveless (though the start of map06 looked pretty hectic so I don't know how long I will last) so far and they have been amazing. There is a low enemy count but the encounters are brutal (especially map05 where I died the most before changing route). The secrets are pretty nice and well hidden overall. The new enemies look interesting but so far I've barely seen them, so I'm really interested on how they'll be used in the remaining maps. Pretty good stuff!
  4. Ok just finished playing all 5 maps. I really enjoyed them they were pretty cool. The fights were nice, some traps were mean (in a good way, ), the secrets were well hidden (there were some that I didn't even find even with iddt because the secret tag in dsda doom is barely visible but well they are secrets after all :) ), and the throwbacks to ancient aliens were nice. It felt like a short expansion of that mapset. My favorite map has to be either map01 or map04, I really liked the effects on both, though map04 has that cuteness factor to it. My only problems were mostly with the spider masterminds in the maps, as most of them weren't really good at infighting so fights with them were really tedious and made you waste a lot of ammo on them (especially the ones in map05 as the revenant missiles barely can't reach them when they go against the pillars were the spiders are). My other problem was about the lowish ammo but I just noticed while writing this that you uploaded an updated version on monday that apparently fixed those issues so I'll skip that (and download this version while we are at it). Really good mapset and I'm hoping to see more stuff from you!
  5. So far I have played most of episode 1 (Around map06, secret level included) pistol start on UV. I've had some problems with the wad: Documentation detailing balance changes, additions and recommended difficulty are nowhere to be seen, which made the beginning really bothersome as I kept dying from unexpected enemy behavior and lack of knowledge about my guns. For instance I didn't even know the normal fist had berserk-like damage until someone pointed it out in this thread as a recommended way of dealing with arachnotrons. There's a severe lack of resources for what the maps throw at you. It looks as if the maps were given the literal bare minimum amount of ammo to be completed for a pistol start and with little room for error. Even weaponry in some cases, a rocket launcher shouldn't be as rare and optional as it is right now. Some secrets feel extremely underwhelming for how cryptic some of these are, and some even require finding the item in the secret room which isn't really obvious in some cases. The maps have a lot of hitscanners in open areas that hit you from across the room where you can barely see them, and with the added mobility and projectile speed of the demons makes some rooms a living hell to clear. Example: map01 has an open area where you are swarmed with high mobility cacos and you can barely process this new feature because you get ambushed by imps from behind and if you keep running you just get slaughtered by random chaingunners. Map05 is even worse because it is the entire map. I found the sexist gun joke kind of funny but it is really unintuitive. And in some maps they are even placed maliciously to trick you into going for them. The Map02 one was extremly dickish to me, as the two shotguns looks really similar in the world sprite (Seriously, they are really really difficult to tell in the heat of battle and it isn't fun for blind playthroughs) For the love of god, the freaking silent teleporters that tp shit right behind you. That's just extreme BS and not fun at all, a cheap shot all around for blind playthroughs. Take this one with a grain of salt, but I have to quit after playing a couple of maps because I get exhausted from just finishing one. It feels as if there was no breathing room in some of them (especially map02 and map05), as they have extremely accidental and chaotic setpieces imo (though to be honest I might just be playing it bad or it just doesn't fit my playstyle well). The things I liked: Disregarding the lack of documentation, I do like the changes made to the roster, cacodemons feel really menacing and both caco and imps projectiles aren't a joke anymore. I enjoyed the weapons so far, especially the minigun and the starting pistol. The maps look pretty nice, the btsx e2 inspiration is really noticeable. The music is pretty cool and fit the maps really nicely My favorite level so far must have been the secret level as it gave you some breathing room between the normal ones. I'll try playing the remaining maps and episodes and sorry that I've written this post before finishing it all but all the issues I've had have really been recurring for the whole episode so far.
  6. Just finished playing all maps. Really nice work, I enjoyed every map quite a lot. I didn't have any issues neither technical nor with the map design/balance. Maybe the only nitpick I have is with map05 that feels kind of cramped and low on resources for everything they throw at you, but it wasn't that bad honestly.
  7. I haven't finished map03 yet as I'm not quite sure how to tackle the big fight, but I wanted to say the architecture is Beautiful (with a capital B). The platforming is pretty nice though I felt it was a bit long though its probably because I suck at it. I also love how the map starts.
  8. Blip

    New Wad - Attack on IO

    Ok as I promised earlier I made some uv-max runs. For now it's only maps 2, 3, 5 and 7. I hope they still work when the umapinfo version is released, but if they don't it's no problem, most of them can have a lower time so it's a good excuse to run them again :)
  9. Attack on IO map07 UV-Max in 2:26 atkio07m226.zip Video:
  10. Attack on IO map02 UV-Max in 4:34 atkio02m434.zip Attack on IO map03 UV-Max in 5:33 atkio03m533.zip Attack on IO map05 UV-Max in 4:16 atkio05m416.zip Videos:
  11. Blip

    New Wad - Attack on IO

    I've played on UV pistol start until the start of map06 and I have to say I'm really impressed. These maps look and play great, and the secrets are well hidden but not bullshit. The maps have a good length to them (usually pretty short) and the traps are really plutonia like, which I enjoy. The only nitpicks I have so far is with map04, in which the fleshy section feels kind of slow and awkward and the last secret is kind of impossible to get before killing all the enemies, though it can be useful if you do a continuous run (not really in pistol starts). Also, it's a real shame that this maps aren't playable in prboom plus if the only thing that doesn't work are the skyboxes, but oh well it isn't that big of an issue honestly. I really have to thank the guy that runs the Doom Engine Aesthetics twitter page for posting it, or else I wouldn't have seen it and played it. Can't wait to see more of your maps! ps. these maps look pretty cool for uvmax speedruning. Might try to do some if this is the final release.
  12. Please specify iwad and source port
  13. Probably Sunder, Sunlust or scythe 2, with deus vult 2 as an honorable mention.
  14. Blip

    Slaughterwads - Anything we've missed?

    Holy hell (though I suppose you played holy hell revealed) Microslaughter community project (lower count than what you prefer and kind of short but it is insanely fun) Sunlust (I suppose you played this one. The last 5 maps or so get really slaughtery) NoReason Speedmaps 2 (Highly recommended, really high monster counts. Didn't try 1 so can't recommend). Cryogenics Flotsam Dark Tartarus (The maps are batshit insane, but if you liked chillax I guess you'll like this one. It has like 45 maps)
  15. Blip

    Wow the Lag

    Brutal doom has a menu which lets you select an option to clean dead bodies for better performance. Also disable dynamic lights if you have it turned on, that one isn't necessary unless you are playing custom maps designed with it in mind (Like refracted realities)
  16. Blip

    [GZDoom] WMC01: The Rising

    Is it me or there is a severe lack of health items in the first map?
  17. Pretty cool map, but I agree with the others that the ending was kind of "Wait, that's it?". I think changing the order the enemies appear should kind of fix it (Probably cyber first, then spawn the imps and pinkies with the archviles?). The platforming at the end and the hell knight trap were really nice.
  18. I just finished playing this set. It was pretty neat I really liked all levels and enjoyed the action. I did have a couple of problems with map05 though: A couple of enemies got stuck on the upper conveyor in the orange section I'm not quite sure if intended, but the hell knights at the end of the orange section took too long to spawn, to the point I almost killed the cyberdemon when they started spawning. Pressing the key switches too fast breaks the bfg platform and it never lowers (in my case going from the green to the pink switch broke it, as they were the last ones I needed to press) The last fight can be cheesed pretty hard by starting an infight and just hiding in one of the keycard areas (specially the orange section). In map03 you can skip the instakill trigger if you just stand on the yellow and black beams closer to the first train. Apart from those small problems, it was pretty fun!
  19. Damn this map is really awesome I really enjoyed it. Is it possible that you can't go back to previous areas when you start the final arena? Because I really wanted to find the remaining secrets but didn't find anything to go back.
  20. Blip

    Anybody know any good slaughter maps?

    Wads: Slaughterfest 2012, Deus Vult 2 (Starting map12), NoReason Speedmaps 2, Sunder, Death in excess and new gothic movement 1 and 2 Maps: Alien Vendetta map25, sf2012 map03 and map29, Sunder map07 and map15, Death in Excess map08 and map10, new gothic 1 map 13, scythe 2 map23 and map28. The ones I mentioned above last 15+ minutes. If you want to make a short map I'd recommend checking any map from the microslaughter community project, as they are designed to be uvmaxed in 3-5 minutes and have really good action in them.
  21. Blip

    Favorite Slaughter and Non-Slaughter Map/Mapset

    Favorite slaughtermap(s): probably map 07 and 15 of sunder, map25 of alien vendetta or map16 from sunlust (don't know if this one goes here but it gets slaughtery by the end). Favorite nonslaughter map: most likely hell ground map04, sunlust map31 or alien vendetta map10 Favorite slaughterwad: Sunder, though I've been playing NoReason SpeedMaps 2 and even after playing only 5 maps I would put it really up there. Honorable mention Deus Vult 2 for getting me into slaughtermaps. Favorite nonslaughterwad: HellGround or Sunlust. Honorable mention tnt revilution
  22. Damn these maps are pretty cool. I really, really liked map01. The fights are puzzles and are creative af, its a breath of fresh air honestly. Played it on UV with saves and didn't care much about the difficulty of the fights due to how much I liked the concepts, but I really didn't enjoy the fact that a fall is basically a restart. Also wasn't a big fan of the cryptic nature of some switches. The last fight is freaking amazing. It kind of reminded me of Dark Tartarus with the precise routing and the enemy placement (even if there aren't like 20 archviles and 5 invulnerabilities on the arena). Surprisingly the megasphere thing isn't as trial and error as you made it seem. Regarding the bfg at the end Maybe I'll try completing the 2nd map but I wasn't sure how to progress so I sort of gave up. I'll try playing your other maps because this one is seriously impressive (even the platforming which I usually hate), disregarding some of the cryptic stuff and the lack of teleporters in lava.
  23. Blip

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Microslaughter Community project +1 Heartland
  24. Blip

    Which Way Do You Circle Strafe?

    I circle strafe clockwise because I have my index finger on w and my middle one on a, so it's more comfortable to me to do so.
  25. All things aside these maps were really fun to play, really looking for chillax 90 next year