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  1. Loved playing this wad, the maps were really short but pretty difficult, so you can't just breeze through them in a couple of minutes. The atmosphere and the music were on point.



    You can run across this small platform and drop down to where the cacos come from in the first fight of map05, softlocking the player



    Can't wait for the final release!


  2. Got to map04, these maps are really fun, and the new sprites look insane. Before I continue with the wad I want to point out a softlock in map03 before I forget :p



    The orange pillar that has the yellow key is too thin and you can trigger the fight earlier, but the key will never go down even after pressing the switch that also lowers the soulspheres.



  3. I really enjoyed this mapset, it was pretty fun



    I found a couple of bugs small bugs in these maps:


    In map03 you can walk on this black ledge from the secret ledge to where the archvile is at the start and softlock yourself because of invisible wallssoftlock.png.edaaf8a5d1323ceaae6c82e21ce549be.png


    I also found this small HOM in map04, right before the red skull key fight



    Also, I'm not sure if it is intended, but you can grab the green skull key in map04 by doing an archvile jump in the fight with 3 shootable switches behind 3 archviles



  4. 2 hours ago, Arsinikk said:

    Out of curiosity, which maps did you consider tedious (besides MAP07)?


    The ones I felt the most tedious apart from map07 were map03, map08 and map11.



    Map03 has you supershotgunning half the map (a lot of them being barons), and the two times I played it I flat out ran out of ammo against the pinkies in the lava section.


    Map08 feels extremely grindy because of the whole baron and arachnotron section. I get that you can just do one and move on, but it's still pretty annoying for 100% kills and secrets.


    Map11: I ran out of shells in the baron fight the two times I played it, and if you are not fast grabbing the berserk that area basically becomes inaccessible because of the barons blocking the entrance. The siege portion of the map is extremely boring, the lifts takes forever to come down and you are basically circlestrafing the inner circle to win.


    In map08 and map11 the stone barons feel weirdly out of place, but that's something I noticed in a couple of other maps too. I'm guessing they were supposed to attack before the final iteration? They feel like they are just walking around and are mild inconveniences at worst


    But those were my only real issues with the wad, and apart from the ammo ones the others are pretty subjective

  5. Spoiler

    When the hell is revealed >:)


    Cool maps, I had a lot of fun playing them!


    I don't really have much to say, apart that some of the joke maps got old kind of fast and became a bit tedious, but since they aren't going to be included in the final release its not worth talking about. However, you should maybe include them on a separate wad in the final release as a nice bonus.


    Can't wait for the final release :)

  6. I'm having issues with fluidsynth on the latest versions. It doensn't seem to be using my soundfont and it sounds very broken. I'm not sure if it is related with this error message that pops up on the startup log:

    fluidsynth: error: requested set value for 'synth.sample-rate' out of range
    fl_init: Couldn't set synth.sample-rate


  7. On 11/28/2022 at 4:04 AM, Bauul said:


    Thanks for this. This is exactly what I did as per my previous post, and as outlined there, the FPS only increased a little with using the dedicated GPU.


    What's really odd is that my 1060 reached only a maximum of 7% utilized while I was in-game (if Task Manager is accurate), along with about 30% for the CPU. Something is bottlenecking the port, but I have no idea what.


    I'm having the same issue. I'm testing with an rtx 3060 and a ryzen 7 2700 and it's using 12% cpu and 30% gpu tops with vsync disabled on sunder map15, and it isn't playing very smoothly which is rather odd, and getting a min fps of around 35-40.


    I'll also use this opportunity to recommend PUSS X: Summer of Slaughter (SOS_Boom.wad) map32 as a good benchmark for this port. This map in particular plays much better on this port than on dsda-doom and woof, all around being more stable in regards to performance.

  8. Just finished playing the whole wad. Played on UV with dsda doom, didn't seem to find any game-breaking or visual issues. The only map I ended up using saves was on the last one, but mostly because I got impatient with the whole "dance" you have to do to get a gun. That doesn't mean the maps were easy though, but being so short means it takes mere seconds to get back where you were.



    Amazing mapset, I really enjoyed the combat puzzles on these maps!

  9. Yep, it's working fine! Cool map, found all secrets and couldn't get all kills because the pinkies get resurrected, but it isn't a problem really.


    While replaying the secret maps I found a couple of sequence breaks:


    Map31: You can activate the green portal switch before getting the 30 pacdots by jumping down the lift.

    Map32: You can grab the bfg earlier by barely dropping down from the ledge above it.


  10. Just finished playing the beta, I played all maps except map05, because the pacdots were not working for some reason. The rest of the maps had pretty interesting gimmicks, and I believe they made really good use of the pacman mechanics. I really appreciate the inclusion of a tutorial map because I didn't know what some of the new sprites for the powerups were when playtesting. The only map I didn't quite enjoy was map07. I feel like either all pinkies should be released at once or some enemies should be placed on the lower floors, because the map felt really empty at some points.


    All around, pretty fun mapset!

  11. Ok just played the three submissions:

    Crashing Clyde's Castle:

    • Cool map, it's simple but you can easily die at the end due to the cramped space if you are not careful. Could easily be a map01.

    Test Chamber:

    • I enjoyed the portal mechanic and puzzles involved, though I had to play it two times because I missed the portal hint at the start and I broke the map by jumping :p. Couldn't figure out how to access the secret exit.

    I did shoot a switch that required freelook, but it seems to be an easter egg rather than something required for the secret exit.

    • The laser traps were cool but the instakill floors seemed kind of unnecessary in this map, as I never seemed to fall accidentally on them. Maybe they should be moved to some other location where it could make a fight trickier.

    The Arcade is a Lie:

    • Pretty nice secret level, I enjoyed the final fight because it makes you watch your step, and the zombiemen shooting can make you eat a stray rocket from the cybers. However, the fight could be more dangerous as the cybers can be dealt with pretty quickly, leaving you with tons of bfg and a bunch of zombiemen standing around.

    Didn't seem to find any gamebreaking or visual glitches, but as I said I missed the secret exit in Test Chamber so I can't be 100% sure. I did mostly enjoy the mechanic in all three maps, it reminds me of skulldash, though I find that the Bonus doors in "Test" and "Arcade"  are bit too late for them to matter unless you are kind of speedrunning the map and triggering everything all at once.


    All around, pretty interesting maps, can't wait to see new submissions!