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  1. Stigs

    Share Your Sprites!

  2. Maybe you could scale the image up in an image program, maybe paint or paint.net? If you use paint.net make sure you set the quality to nearest neighbor.
  3. I absolutely LOVE the quake champions version
  4. I think its like djent or industrial metal actually, I don't remember though
  5. I like almost every different doom guy personally
  6. Which Doom guy model or sprite do you like most? Like Doom slayer or the Doom marine, I personally like how the Doom marine looks in Quake champions but I also like Quake champions original doom guy.
  7. Stigs

    Realistic Metal Soundfonts?

    I too agree about the SGM soundfont, I'm using the drums for a "I sawed the demons" remake I'm doing and it sounds amazing. As for the others, ill check them out. Touhou might also be a great soundfont for this: https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/433
  8. Stigs

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Brony, Dirk Strider wannabe.
  9. Stigs

    What's Your Favorite Doom Enemy Ass?

    Because this is such an important topic I would like to ask, game specific or any game? Doom one and two would be the Baron of hell, three and four would be the hell knights. Last but not least, for Doom Eternal I would say Doom slayer himself, he's got those THICC CHEEKS. Absolute NUT BUSTERS, a real pair of CLAPPADOO'S, amazing hunk-a-lubba's.