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  1. ABearInThaWoods

    Doomer Boards Project 48 (review)

    I'll just be blunt about it. It's not fun. Randomness is one of those qualities to a game that needs to be handled with extreme care. Rougelite games like Binding of Isaac, Darkest Dungeon, even something simple like Vampire Survivors, have randomness baked into the core of the game but don't let it run rampant. It uses randomness to pull a set of specific scenarios and confront the player with the choice of how to tackle it. DBP48 just doesn't come off as a fully baked idea and suffers from some really poor decision making. Randomness comes off as a crutch to make it "interesting" or "spontaneous" but it doesn't really achieve that goal in action. It's just annoying. For example, I played the first map and was close to finishing it... until I was killed by a 20 damage floor. After struggling against the monsters that changed every time I spawned in, after killing a Jason, painting entire rooms with green Predator blood, dancing around in pools of Alien slime, stomping Terminators, and fighting the occasional Doom monster, it's all just snatched away by a poorly telegraphed room that was entirely marked with 20 damaging floors for no explainable reason. That is not fun. I immediately quit and deleted the wad. I don't think you'll be able to convince me to play it again. Especially after seeing the SLIDGE map and the blatant map rips from IWADs. I congratulate you on releasing the project. It's a wad. Yet, I think you're going to find that people will not agree with your brand of Doom. I'm sorry if I come off mean but I think this is a harsh reality you need to accept, this isn't very good.
  2. ABearInThaWoods

    Doomer Boards Project 48 (review)

    You forgot the part about the monsters being random for each spawn. Making the maps a complete crapshoot and having zero consistency. You basically have to hope you get a good dice roll to be able to survive some of the "less good" encounters.
  3. ABearInThaWoods

    Mapsets where you revisit "maps"

    Going Down Maps 30, 31, and 32 all (kinda) revisit old places. Maps 30 and 32 revisit Map 01. Map 31 revisit multiple maps through the wad but you only see them from the exterior. I also like the hub maps of BTSX EP1 and EP2. DBPs 19 and 31 both have hub maps that are revisited regularly. I'm sure there are a ton of other projects that have similar concepts.
  4. ABearInThaWoods

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    Just finished the set and this may be a hot take that some will disagree with, but I don't care: This is better than Auger;Zenith. I really did enjoy this set, and while the triple feature of @lunchlunch maps have to do with it, the rest of the mappers on this set provided exceptional maps from beginning to end. Even when it comes to mappers whose work I don't typically score very highly, I found their maps to be excellent here. I wanted to go into a map by map breakdown and review but I don't think I've got the time for it right now. I highly suggest people give this one a shot, it's highs are just as high as AZ but the lows don't fall nearly as far down. The music is great, the visuals are fantastic, and the combat is grades above the typical DBP. I loved it. Great work fellas
  5. ABearInThaWoods

    [RELEASED!] The Bikini Bottom Massacre

    This actually looks incredible. My kid is actually going to want to play Doom now lmao
  6. ABearInThaWoods

    DBK02: The DBK Holiday Special

    Yes, all 10 Kringles are requires to access the secret level. There is a counter that keeps track of how many you have picked up and its checked when you reach the final map. This also determines what ending you get.
  7. ABearInThaWoods

    DBP39: Carnage Oasis

    I haven't even finished DBP38 yet. Slow down guys lol This will go in the list of things to play, looks like a pretty nice theme.
  8. ABearInThaWoods

    Baby On Nevermind Album Cover SUES Nirvana.

    Welp that's a complete waste of money. Beyond it being about 30 years too late he doesn't have any kind of argument to justify a payout. The case will get dismissed and I'll be among the people laughing at him for doing something so very stupid.
  9. Listening to Colors II on repeat just like I did with the first album over a decade ago. The more things change the more they stay the same. I love it.

  10. ABearInThaWoods

    New rule against offsite harassment

    I did not see it. I was typing. If true then it's slightly less awful.
  11. ABearInThaWoods

    New rule against offsite harassment

    It's been nice watching all this unfold from the sidelines for the past few days but I've got to speak out about these "rules" because they are pretty horrific. You're greatly overstepping your boundaries by trying to restrict and/or police speech outside of Doomworld. Especially considering you're using an extremely vague framework. It's not really your place to troll across the internet to hunt down every instance of people being mean to one another. It's especially troubling because you've essentially instructed users to act as Stasi against one another and go tattle to mom and dad when someone does a meany. That's absurd. Everyone here is (probably) an adult. Worry about what's under your control here and stop acting like morality police. Your criteria for the rules are extremely vague and are open for all kinds of interpretive abuse. What you would consider offensive isn't the same as anyone else. A "hurtful" comment is an entirely subjective metric. Hate speech is a poorly defined term that is usually invoked when people get upset over a disagreement. Hate speech also tends to favor the politically left leaning and is entirely exclusionary to people who lean right. For example a Christian conservative person who doesn't believe LGBT issues are moral and vocally opposes such a lifestyle can be accused of hate speech, this forces them to self-censor for the sake of others who are very likely to not give the same consideration to their beliefs. I consider dropping these criteria next to actually harmful behavior like doxxing a pretty scummy move. Mean words are not equitable to revealing a person's identity for the sake of harassment. One is clearly observably malicious while the other, again, is entirely subjective. If you're not capable of seeing the glaring flaws in the logic behind these rules then I can only assume that you 1) are truly ignorant of how governmental/establishment abuse works or 2) are willing to overlook those flaws because they are socially/politically expedient to you. @mordeth and the mod team: I urge you to reconsider these rules. This isn't how you cultivate a healthy community. This is how you stifle constructive (and yes combative discussion can be constructive) conversations.
  12. ABearInThaWoods

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths (RC2 released!)

    You did nothing wrong, the visual and slight combat tweaking you did outweighs one bug =) Proud of the team on this set. Thematically it really came together very very well. The set has a moderate difficulty curve and is an extremely pleasant play. I hope everyone enjoys it.
  13. ABearInThaWoods

    Twisted Reality (Hexen - Gzdoom only)

    Had a chance to test an early version of this map. I hadnt played much Hexen before but its a really fun map. Lots of trippy effects and tough fights. I'll have to give the final version a play when i have some time.
  14. ABearInThaWoods


    Good work fellas. I'll be playing it soon
  15. ABearInThaWoods

    DBP32: Tomatomania!

    So last night glenzinho invited @Big Ol Billy and myself to a coop play session of the set. @xvertigox was invited too but he fell into a filing cabnet according to our internal lore. This is a good chance to see everything in action while enjoying some good company. Here's the vod of that session. Please enjoy =D