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  1. ABearInThaWoods

    [Beta 3] NaNoCollabMo: Autumn Harvest

    Oh... and I just finished maps 6 and 7. I had to drop 6 to HMP for mental health, it's actually much more fun on that difficulty. Map07 was lacking in resources as we mentioned in the previous posts. AutumnHarvest-Beta2-Beardemos.zip
  2. ABearInThaWoods

    [Beta 3] NaNoCollabMo: Autumn Harvest

    I would say these statements highlight my feelings. The sense of satisfaction isnt there. My particular playstyle makes this extremely frustrating since I try to single segment everything with pistol starts. Thats why I mentioned it being a grind especially with map06's start. Ive been playing on DSDA. I havent really experienced any major issues. There was a slight HOM on map04 I believe with the front gate dropping. It may be more obvious on PRBoom or anything using software rendering. When the bars drop you can see the texture stretching. When I finish the last two maps I'll drop the demos here.
  3. ABearInThaWoods

    [Beta 3] NaNoCollabMo: Autumn Harvest

    This has generally been my impression as well. Maps 1 through 5 were generally fun to play and really used the theme well while map 6 starts with a pretty unforgiving room and follows it up with grind. Map 7 is a little more forgiving but felt pretty light on resources, turning it into an excercise in infighting. Not really something I find the most entertaining. I still really liked the autumn theme. We need more sets with this aesthetic that arent Halloween themed. Great job everyone.
  4. Hope you're doing alright buddy.

  5. ABearInThaWoods

    B L E A K [MBF21, 3+1 Maps]

    Completed single segment demos for maps 1-3. I don't know if I'll do one for Map31 yet. Really fun set. BearInThaWoods-BleakRC2.zip
  6. ABearInThaWoods

    B L E A K [MBF21, 3+1 Maps]

    Picked this set up a few days ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I've been playing on UV without saves and am pretty close to finishing map03. The two cybers in the BFG fight really like scamming me. Map01 was a great intro and really sets the mood perfectly. The opening fights are tame but as the map progresses you turn the pressure up smoothly. I may have picked up an older version because like previous commentors I had one monster not teleport in at the end of the map. Map02's start was a little slow but once I hit the bridge it became clear where we were going and I was there for it. I really like how you set the fights up with enough wiggle room to get around the hordes but only if you move properly and keep a good pace in cutting down the enemies. The yellow key fight was particularly nasty even compared to the fight before it with only 1/10th of the monsters. I loved the big fights past the yellow key, its exactly my wheelhouse. The final fight looked like it would be bigger than it was but it was totally fine. Map03 so far has been great, definitely my favorite so far. The yellow key area is a good example of how you can construct a threatening fight without dumping tons of heavy demons in there. I'm surprised there weren't Pain Elementals in the second wave to put outside pressure on the player, I feel like they match well with Viles in that scenario. One thing I loved was how the FX makes the Cacos looks especially ominous in the dark. When you see that blue grin floating at you it strikes a special kind of fear. The red key path, while heavier in HP walls and dangerous enemies, doesnt feel as threatening because of the open space. The floor certainly complicates the movement a bit but the fight itself is pretty straight forward. The blue key fight is also very fun, the slight delay on the interior wall dropping makes for a nice panic moment once the realization sets in. The BFG fight doesnt appear as threatening as you would assume at first but then youre catching infighting rockets that you would never expect. I think its probably the hardest fight in the map. I havent been past this point yet in a single segment attempt but I have taken a peek and find the rest of the map to be not as threatening. Overall this set is so high quality and carries such a brooding dark energy. The glowing effects, the PSX Doom sounds, and the soundtrack all fit together perfectly and help elevate the maps. Very well done. I'll add demos when I complete everything.
  7. ABearInThaWoods

    10x1024 (RC1) - 10 Boom maps where 10x10 meets 1024

    Thank you for playing and for the demos, I appreciate your honesty. I definitely got some good information from your demos, like marking progression a little better in maps 5 and 8. Like I mentioned at the end of my first post, I do plan on making full sized versions of these maps, so you may end up enjoying those more than these. Thanks again!
  8. Hello there! This is actually my first solo project so I'm pretty proud to have gotten this to a releasable state. Information This wad was developed in about 5-6 weeks, between September and late October 2023. Boom Format (cl9) Each map can be completed UV-Max between 2-5 minutes All maps are made with 10 textures and 10 flats All maps were designed with a 1024x1024 unit play area Textures from 32in24 Primarily tested in DSDA-Doom. DeHackEd .deh file is provided in the zip Screenshots Download Google Drive MediaFire Background Map Titles and Music Feedback is highly encouraged. In the future I would like to take these maps and expand them into full scale variants without the 1024 restriction. For the meantime I want to perfect this first set before I get into any larger scale projects.
  9. Man, what a map. This one is beautiful, difficult, and really fun to play. Combat is smooth and violent too, its got everything you could ever want from a Doom map and still manages to come in within the 1k1k rule. Once I got to the Cyberdemon room I thought the scrolling textures were a platform lowering, then I noticed that the map was in cl9 format. Its technically outside of the rules but I think its totally within the spirit of the project. It would be a shame to lose this map over something like that, but if required to reformat it to cl2 it wouldnt lose any of its punch. The only thing that would really be affected would be the sleeping Hell Knights teleporting in after the yellow key. The monster closets should still work besides the exterior touch teleport walls. Really awesome map, I still havent managed to clear it on UV but I've been within 10 monsters. One thing I didnt like was being forced to pick up the Soulsphere by the yellow key. I wasnt able to grab the key alone so it felt wasted, since Ive been doing the Rev/Vile ambush without the Mega. Maybe set the key away from the other items so the player can choose when they grab the powerups.
  10. Alright I've got updates for both of my maps. [Map05 - Thin Walls Fall v3] [DOWNLOAD] [Map30 - Toxic Pool Party v3] [DOWNLOAD]
  11. As I mentioned when I played this map on stream, it's a really fun and well constructed map. The way you have managed the space in this little house is really impressive. It goes to show that you don't have to use every single map unit of the 1K/1K space in order to make something really nice. That teleport jamboree with the fodder enemies and the super shotty will never not be fun. Really good stuff! I did notice one thing about the switch by the two chaingunners, it's set to the SW2 texture so it appears off after it's flipped. I'm not sure if this was intended but I figured I would mention it. I didn't really see any other texture issues. I've been playing the versions of this map as they've been posted and while this newer version feels better to play I'm not sure you really need over 120 enemies in such a small space. The fights tend to get bogged down into holding a corner or a doorway and waiting for baddies to walk through. You could probably use half of the monsters and create a more dangerous map if you were to try to pincer the player a bit more with pressure from forward, backward, and above. Part of the frustration has to do with enemies hanging out on higher levels that you just wouldn't see unless you're using mouselook. I will say that I love the caco swarm, the arachnotron bully that prevents backtracking, and the way you used the viles. I also got caught by spectres pretty often because of how crazy the action was, I would just lose track of them. This map definitely has some promise to it and I feel like it's close to being really great. If I have a chance I'll try to do a short stream or a video this week to kind of spitball ideas of what could be done to help improve it. I appreciate an outside look of my map. There are absolutely some threads of ideas that I like here, so I think I'll try to work some of those into a future version despite what I said earlier. I think a spark of inspiration was needed to get the creative juices flowing again! Some things that I noticed about your changes and what they illustrate to me - I do agree that the health needs to be spread out some more - I need to open things up a bit to allow more freedom of movement - Forcing players to eat even a minor bit of floor damage to progress isn't fun, even if it's only 5HP. - Those up/down lifts are fantastic ideas. I just need to secure the BFG platforms a little to prevent players from getting them too early. - I like the idea of the Arachnotron sniper but I'm not sold on it's position - I need other places for the player to exit the front slime pit or I need to speed the existing lift up I'll take these ideas back to the workshop and figure something out to address these spots. Thanks again for checking it out!
  12. Doh, I fixed the link. It directs to the correct map now.
  13. [Map 30 - Toxic Pool Party V2] [Midi - Pumpin' Hot Stuff from Pizza Tower] [Stock Doom II Textures] [DOWNLOAD] Changes from V1 -Added Difficulties -Fixed Texture alignments -Attempted to make progression switches and dispenser switches more distinct from one another -Added visual touches throughout the arena -Reorganized the fights to be a little more dynamic -Additional dispensers added -Shoot switch next to central fountain has been changed to a normal switch. When it comes to difficulty for this map I took a slightly different approach. Instead of changing what enemies spawn I changed what weaponry you had to face the map with. You still gain the Berserk in each difficulty but on HMP difficulty you get a basic shotgun and on HNTR you get a plasma gun instead. The dispensers on HNTR also provide double the goodies and the Blur Sphere has been changed to an Invulnerability. Furthermore, you can grab a Soul Sphere on top of the tall platform, but beware the final fight is much more spicy than before. This will probably be my last update for a while unless the UV difficulty turns out to be far too difficult to complete. I was able to reliably get to the final fight and eventually finish it. I consider myself pretty middle of the road in terms of skill and this map is a good, albeit volatile, experience. Edit: Fixed the link
  14. Currently all of the shoot switches use the same texture but you make a good point about progression switches and dispenser switches. I'll try to do something about that. The switch on the tower was a happy accident. At first it was really far away and hard to hit, then I tested it but forgot about the raising platforms and when that secret would be accessable. I ended up making it extra valuable due to how easy it is to miss. Maybe I should add a shoot switch that drops the platforms as an audio clue? The exit not dealing damage is something I forgot to address but did notice. I drew a couple boxes for the exit sign and the light around it but forgot to apply the sector effect Damage/Exit on them. That'll go on the to-do list. Originally the Cacos were Arachnotrons and they were going to stay on the upper platforms but I really push for 100% kills to be possible on my maps. Thats partially the reason I dislike monsters in secrets, lol. I'll try cranking up the pressure in the early fights again, originally the second wave was 12 Revs and it felt a little unfair. So we have two opinions on the difficulty being slightly easy, at least in the early portions of the map. I'll play with different monster combos to see what cooks the best. Expect Pain... Elementals and maybe a couple Mancubi.
  15. [Map 30 - Toxic Pool Party] [Midi - Pumpin' Hot Stuff from Pizza Tower] [Stock Doom II Textures] [DOWNLOAD] [1k1k-Map30-BearDemo.zip] Well I think I finally have a first version of my Map30 ready to go. At the end of a long wad the demons invited Doomguy over to their local pool... they just didn't mention that it was an acid pool! Littered all around the arena are "secret" dispensers that you can shoot for +25 Health and +25 Armor a piece. There's also a super secret switch that provides a SoulSphere and a Blue Armor. Monsters should reveal themselves as you progress, so if you're coming across baddies you're doing something right! Just be aware that since this is Map30 it is hard coded in Doom II to allow telefrags of enemies and players alike. It's potentially the hardest map I've ever made (but that's not really saying much, most of my maps are pretty breezy easy) so I'd be willing to tune it down if it's proving too difficult. Edit: I've recorded and added a demo to show how the map can be completed. I'm worried that it's a little unclear, despite my best efforts to lead the player along. To Do List