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  1. I'm squirell from twitch! My favorite part was the opening moments before the invuln fight because of limited ammo and mobility through monsters, was very fun to slide through them and make them infight, invuln fight was a little unfair if an arch-vile lives and targets you, throwing you into many rev missiles. The ending fight was actually the easiest part of the map (apart from the pain elementals after the invuln fight) just run around for a while, check your flanks and you won't die. I couldn't find where to go for secrets or the end of the map in that area, I shot all the fireblu things and didn't really progress apart from triggering a pain elemental trap and stopped for now. Backpack secret was nice, MIDI was quite nice too. To hold you to an unfair standard considering this is your first map you get an 8.3/10