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  1. Yeah!! I did the same thing. Totally works really well. I was always a bit sad that D2tWiD didn't have it's own music.
  2. Man oh man oh MAN. I gotta see these MIDI projects have been my absolute favorite things to happen lately. AMAZING work, all.
  3. Goody

    How are you playing DOOM?

    On PC, my go-to source port lately has been PrBoom+ but I’ll dabble into Eternity should the WAD I’m playing benefit from that. Ancient Aliens, for example. I’ve got GZDoom ready to go, should the need arise. That said, I’m really digging the Unity port. It’s not perfect, PrBoom+ and Eternity sure look a lot cleaner, but I’m honestly just happy to see an official source port with community involvement. And boy oh boy, do I love playing that Switch port during breaks at work or in bed. I’m looking forward to the day I can safely go get a cup of coffee and enjoy that there.
  4. Could they? Sure. Should they? Maybe? Will they? Nah. I'd see it much more likely that they'd outsource to the community and do what SEGA did with Sonic Mania. I think that would be really neat, but it's essentially what's been happening on its own just without the commercial bit.
  5. Of the weirdly commercially released Doom things from that era, Perdition's Gate is the one I enjoyed the most. Definitely of that era, definitely very TNT. Hell 2 Pay I haven't played enough of to really give it a fair shake, but oh gosh those new sprites are horrible. Of what I've played it seems fine for the era. Both definitely leagues ahead of Lost Episodes.
  6. Goody

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Man, oh man. Sorry I don't have the same level of depth others do here, but gosh this is great. Everything feels so thematically cohesive so far. Really loving this.
  7. Goody

    Bourgeois Megawad, 30 Maps - NOW ON IDGAMES!

    Just started on the latest version. Super fun so far. Really love this idea and these levels are so cathartic in SP.