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  1. will

    Zdoom 47i?

    I have 47i, but just the executable(got the wad and fmod from old 47.cab). We've been dm'n with it for a few days now. Could you put up your write-up of it somewhere online or email it to me at will@mail.cfcc.net. I would really appreciate it. I'm really interested in the new agruments ..
  2. will

    Desktop thread 7-3

    hahahah Everything i download in windows just gets dumped to the desktop for two reasons 1) im lazy and hate to have to click 6 times to get to a file. 2) security. the admins desktop is only accessibly by me.. so if anyone wants any of my porn they have to login as admin. Sure i could setup a secure folder and dish out read/write only privileges to the admin group.. but back to point number 1, im lazy. whenever i do clean it off everything just gets dumped into a folder/directory called 'stuff' or 'misc' until i rebuild the computer. Having a cluttered desktop doesn't really bother me since its just a porno / game machine anyways :)
  3. will

    Desktop thread 7-3

    my win2k desktop: http://www.geocities.com/insanclown1
  4. will

    will we see crash ?

    First of all, I'm not here to please you. You're existance in this world has no bearing over mine. If you become 'annoyed' or enraged enough to respone with insults towards me because of a difference in opinions then it's your ignorance that will be displayed. It's very amusing that you feel so "insulted" when I draw the comparision of and id game to a technology demostration. Why you respond as if it was a personal attack towards you is unknown to me. Also, you act as if I'm saying ID games suck, did I? No. Your own prejudices decided that. However, don't you agree that more work will be put into Doom3's rendering and sound engines than its story? So perhaps theres some validity in my comparision of id games to tech demos. I stand by my opinion on female characters. If there's going to be women in a game.. make them beatiful. I like eye-candy. However, if you disagree and want some butch looking woman like sara conner then so be it, i won't flame your for it. And if I was worried about being popular on the 'doomworld forums' i would probably spend all day posting on here, kissing admins ass's and such... so you may have guessed, its not really a concern of mine. Finally, a here's a few random thoughts i have. I had no problem with Tetzlaff's respone. I read it a couple of days ago and respected and agreed with his points on id games being more than tech demos. My comment was simply tring to demonstrate that you don't really need to be concerned with the characters in the doom3 storyline since the game will be more about scaring the shit out of you in tight beatifully rendered hallways than what information sara conner tells you at the beginning of level 2. Once again action packed gameplay will overshadow any plot development in ID's new game. And i prefer it that way... maybe thats why im still playing this one after nine years.
  5. will

    will we see crash ?

    I for one, dont want no flat-chested-dykie-butch ass ho's' in any game I ever play. If crash is in doom3, then make her hot and while youre at it, give her some big ol breasts too. I very seriously doubt that having women it doom3 will mess up the "storyline". heh, storyline, in an id game.. or should i say tech demo
  6. will

    DM Wad survey!

    ok, here's my second ten that I like after those first ten+. :) ccarnage c-fx-d tntblood tntgrvnc brit10 brennen6 dcdwango king3 totaldmx surge Here's "r's" favorites: http://www.stormpages.com/blunt/BESTwadsEVER.txt , we like pretty much the same wads since he's the one that introduced me to most of them :D
  7. will

    DM Wad survey!

    mancerx (the first especially but 2 and 3 as well) damage01 dwango5 dwango6 tpf2 dweller2 narr etkhaos greenwar vortpak ant9 ok.. so thats more than ten :) but those are the ones that stand out in my mind for some reason. there are tons of others I like such as exec, judas23, xenosx9 but I rarely play them.
  8. will


    Yeah, Havoc and shoot_me ran many good servers toward the end of csdoom .62 and beginning of csdoom .7. He was probably one of the first to use the fragstats option that .7 brought. His servers always had OC3 in the description since they were ran on a oc3 connection. Also, you may recall he would take out the bfg from his 8 player d5m1 ffa server.. Many people whined about it, but I never had a problem with it since it was an 8 player server with mlook and jump.. removing the bfg in a setting like that in actuallity created a better balanced map. But anyways, I haven't seen him in quite sometime.. he was a Doomserv regular and I beleive 'r' told me he had talked to him about a month or two ago.
  9. will


    Hey, it's good to hear from falc and biff :) and thanks for your posts. I hope that you two can bring back the Rarefiles servers because, as I mentioned before, they we're just awesome. I would like to mention, that I appreciate anyone who hosts up a server. And i would especially like to thank Biff and Falconer for the Rarefiles, Lyfe for his GSN servers, and also HavoC for the oc3 servers. Oh, and I don't want to forget the l@p servers. Those have been the servers that kept the interest and popularity of csdoom/zdaemon. So again, thanks :)
  10. will


    I really want the rarefiles servers back. They were always so much fun with a variety of different wads running multiple maps. I always found good fun games on those servers. The most memorable and fun game I've ever had playing DooM was on a rarefiles csDooM .62 server running boothill. I don't get games like that anymore... The only servers in america are the GSN servers. So the only REAL choices for me to DM is Dwango5m1, Dwango5m1, Map1, or GothicDM map 30. Dwango 5 map 1 is a great map, but after one bfg spamming ffa.. I'm pretty much done for the day because I've done it soo many times before. But anyways, This is my plea going out to Biffy, please bring the servers back. I miss playing you, I miss falconer's chat macro "rarefiles rox", I miss having fun games. I hear Mouselook is almost all the way fixed in zdaemon 1.04 and should be completed in the next version. I really hope that you can start hosting again. To everyone else who plays on Zdaemon, please help me beg :). You're missing something good if you've never played on a rarefiles server. __Blunt-c!
  11. PUSSIES! j/k.. but I think that only being able to save in certain parts or only at the end of level would kick-ass. There are too many weak ppl (like me) that would abuse the save-anywhere feature. I hate games that let me save anywhere i want. When I get a game like that, I end up with one finger constantly on the 'quicksave' and 'quickload' key. I've probably beat a hundred or so emulated snes titles that I would have never finished if I had played them on the console w/ limited saves. Take a game like gta3 for pc. They kept the save feature the same from the console version so you could only save once you got back to your hideout and never in a mission. I mean sure i saved after every mission and loaded up the save if I died on the next mission. But it made me develop the skills neccesary to beat the game.. even if i did have to do a mission 10 times (damn you donkey porn!). That's probably the only game I've beat legit since my NES days. But anyways, the more I see of Doom3 the more I think it might not suck after all.
  12. will


    I've been playing csdoom since ver .5, never once have i cheated. However, I constantly get told by some no-talent doomer the reason I win is because I cheat. I would rather play someone who's using a cheat, than to play the paranoid doomers who suspect everyone of cheating. For Example; I just logged onto a csdoom .7 server and within 15 secs of play "Fluffy Tedster" (i think he used to use the nick Lord Malevolent back in the day) Determined that i must be a cheater.. But he wasnt sure of how... Here's the log: Blunt-c! entered the game You got the BFG9000! Oh, yes. A FLUFFY TEDDY: aright] Player couldn't hide from Blunt-c!'s BFG Player couldn't hide from Blunt-c!'s BFG You got the super shotgun! Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY: oh dear a botter Player was melted by A FLUFFY TEDDY's plasma gun A FLUFFY TEDDY was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY: sppeed hacker sorry Blunt-c! was mowed down by A FLUFFY TEDDY's chaingun Player was melted by A FLUFFY TEDDY's plasma gun Blunt-c!: shut up dumbass, ive never cheated. You got the rocket launcher! Player rode Blunt-c!'s rocket A FLUFFY TEDDY: ummmmm noone can go at that speed You got the super shotgun! A FLUFFY TEDDY: u think im dumb Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun A FLUFFY TEDDY: definitely Player was splattered by Blunt-c!'s super shotgun Blunt-c!: idiot ]quit After one shotgun kill he called me an aim botter.. 15 seconds go by and He aplogizes for the aimbot comment but now he thinks i use a speed hack... Does anyone else ever have to put up with this shit constantly? This is the reason why I loved doomserv and why i still play zdoom 1.22 on the connector. Its because I can play ppl who know me and know how to play the game. 'r' has never once called me a cheater :)
  13. will

    ZDaemon Contest

    Here's a thought. Part I. Why not change the contest to read: "Make an episode1 compatible map to be featured on the tss lan party." Thats legal. Part II. Have the tss server use the registered version of Doom and the winning pwad. And limit the use of Doom.wad to only episode1. The last time I checked, csdoom/zdaemon doesn't care if you connect to a registered Doom iwad server with the shareware iwad.. Just as long as its playing episode1. Part III. Modify the zdaemon source to remove the check of pwads with shareware which triggers the fatal error from d_main. Since Nightfang can freely modify his code, theres nothing wrong with that. Conclusion: If People playing on servers with shareware doom and using pwads. Let idsoftware get them for licensing violations. There are way too many lawyer-wanna-bes and gpl freedom fighters around here. Why do you ppl constantly police yourselves? Just relax, go smoke some weed, have a cold beer, or maybe shutdown your pc for an hour or two...
  14. will

    csDoom Master Server

    1.) all ports are modifications of a source code... the Doom source code. i guess that make's all ports "heaps of shit". 2.) ..if you believe adding a client/server networking with client prediction to an existing codebase is soo damn easy then please do us a favor and write us a new cs port. The fact is, csDoom was pretty revolutionary for internet Doom multiplay. Sure it was just a mesh of quakeworld and zdoom, but it takes a lot more than just copying and pasting a few lines of code to come up with a csdoom...
  15. will

    csDoom Master Server

    woohoo! I for one am glad to see someone fixing the bugs for csdoom instead of just adding a bunch of new buggy features. Vox has been doing this for over a year now, although you might not have known that by looking at the site (what happened to the csdoom 1.3 download? and the bug fixes list :). This is a project that I wanted to start (except with .62 codebase) but never really got into it enough. So anyways, keep up the good work Vox.