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  1. dei_eldren

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    MAP03 Ground Floor (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 100%, S 100%, D 0, T 12:23 Grade: B / Difficulty: B Who's Who
  2. dei_eldren

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    MAP02 Nullth Precinct (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 100%, S 100%, D 0, T 19:09 Grade: A- / Difficulty: B- Who's Who
  3. dei_eldren

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    MAP01 Pistol Panic (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 100%, S 100%, D 2, T 28:05 Grade: B+ / Difficult: B- Who's Who
  4. Already mentioned, but Sign of Torment, especially the last episode is thick with horror - extremely atmospheric.
  5. Summa Summarum - Ultimate / Doom the Way Id Did One of the top five sets i've played (for context, the rest are: Si666il, Moonblood, Sign of Torment, & Hell Revealed). Enough said! But to elaborate. i approached this WAD with what could be said to be extreme prejudice, not only because of my earlier brief encounter with it that left me dismayed early in the first episode, but also simply because of the apparent goal of re-making the OG, which turned out to be a wrong expectation altogether. So i was not possibly quite fair to the first few maps, due to them not being according to my initial expectations. But the quality of the maps - from aesthetics and design to gameplay - wore down my reservations and nit-picking about maps being 'sprawling' and not keeping to the limitations of what Idness properly would set. Fact is, all the differences aside, apart from a couple of exceptions and frankly syntax errors, the whole set invokes similar atmosphere with the OG. My scores jumped from solid 8's to above around the map E1M5 Engineering Bay which marked the turning point in my expectations. Yet, the first episode is not as good as the next two, and without replaying it's difficult to say is it simply because (uncorrupted) techbases in general are not my favourite environment thematically nor visually, or because of the maps themselves. Shores of Hell is practically a perfect episode - E2M5 Deimos Command was and remains a transgressor because of its unexpected trickery which would have been fine in a different context, but in a set like this blocking the player from the secret exit should not have been allowed. (MAP15 in KINDa had a similar shenanigan installed and TheMightyWhoosh was kind enough to warn the club beforehand about it, even when there really were no expectations how his maps should play.) E2M8 Vault i did not care for, because frankly in pure boss-maps the first half of the map is wasted, and ultimately the exploration required feels like a waste of time, just like the central pillar was a cool idea and impressive visually, but ultimately a waste of time in the context. The star of the episode was of course E2M6 Foundry with its atmosphere and exceptional design that is at least equal to anything in Si666il (it doesn't have many flaws, but its maps tend to be on the shorter side, and Romero could have fleshed many of them out more than he did.) Similarly, Inferno is near-flawless, and not a single map received a score below 9, or B-, from me. i don't know if the opener Abyssal Stronghold is the finest, but it made a strong impression on me with its updated and expanded take on Hell Keep. Still, i'd lower the score from 10+ to 10 now, because of the earlier access to the shotgun, and not having a good opportunity to weaken the Cacodemons and kill the Imps by making them infight, which is an essential part of the original (i think someone mentiond about this in their review.) So in that particular sense only is it weaker than the original, otherwise, it is better. The thing about my rankings in this episode is that there properly considered is no worse map, i can't even fault any of the design choices in a single map, and shockingly i actually enjoyed E3M8 Core! Traditional in its ethos, it wasted no time in pro forma preliminaries, and was striking to look at, fun to play, and had some non-malicious meanness to its design. And then, Thy Flesh Consumed. i'm only superficially familiar with the OG, apart from the opener, and watched BMD's playthroughs of the original levels sometimes before sometimes after to playing the equivalent map here. The visuals and designs are pretty easy to categorize and recognise, and the episode here was very consistent with them. Same is true of the gameplay, except of course certain maps here deliberately going out of bounds. And i hope i'm not just an inflexible old geezer (probably am), but i don't see the point of agreeing to make levels in a certain style and then giong out of your way to not adhere to the concept you agreed to. This is akin to false marketing, only more futile. The thing is, E4M4 (which i came to terms with after counselling and therapy - and now i'm not sure if it should be included in this group) and in particular E4M7, and to somewhat lesser extent, E4M8, are the kind of maps that have nothing to do with TFC except on most superficial level, and frankly i wouldn't play them outside of this WAD - which should not have maps like them, if it sincerely followed its own stated objectives. Anyway, that's not meant too seriously :) At the end of the day, those are just maps i didn't enjoy, for stated reasons - nothing bigger than that. Fact is UDTWID remains a flawed yet ultimately a stellar episode. The maps were very faithful and consistent, and were executed pretty much to perfection. Other than stated above, i enjoyed it as much as i did Inferno, including the opener which gave me so much more trouble than i would have expected. But that was fair. Yeah, for myself, despite the length, i feel no UD fatigue, and kind of wish we could go on directly to play D2TWID and then DTWIDTLE! But perhaps the latter will be picked up at some later date, so i won't go on to play it for a while on my own. And in the meanwhile, maybe someone could curate UDTWIDTWUDTWIDD ;) So, that's how i feel about this set. i still enjoy the immersive experience the Club offers, really enhancing on the experience of mere playthroughs. Thanks to everyone for their reviews, demos and videos (i think i read everything and watched most, still have some demos to watch - apart from DSDA demos which i don't have setup unfortunately, should get that done - in fact i don't even know about it much), and thanks for reading/watching mine. As an aside, this by the way marks the end of my first year of participation here - having missed only two months in that time (Heretic, and Interception II.) See you in March, at least if the dreaded CC wins! (PS: By the way, does not the Club play too few UD episodes/wads? Only one was played last year, Base Ganymede... making it two this year wouldn't be overkill! Apart from UDTWIDTLE there has been a few interesting suggestions already...)
  6. E4M7 Hand of the Heathen (HMP, continuous, blind): K 87%, I 90%, S 50%, D quite a few, actually, T 21:39 Grade: D / Difficulty: B+ Who's Who
  7. My third vote is pretty clear by now... +++ Community Chest
  8. E4M6 Molten Gods (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 100%, S 100%, D yes, T 27:59 Grade: A- / Difficulty: B- Who's Who
  9. E4M5 Doctrines of Devils (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 93%, S 67%, D few, T 25:18 Grade: A- / Difficulty: B+ Who's Who
  10. First i skipped high school afternoon classes with a friend to play Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, and were very disappointed to reach the end. Then i found Doom for us to play, and we again skipped classes to play it, and next Doom II. Never did anything with my high school diploma (literally), but here i am playing Doom still.
  11. +++ Doom the Way Id Did: the Lost Episodes +++ Endless Torture i'll save one vote to support something just in case...
  12. E4M4 Unclean Spirits (HMP, continuous, blind): K 75%, I 70%, S 0%, D ..., T 23:07 Grade: D / Difficulty: A- Who's Who
  13. E4M3 Earth, Blood and Fire (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 100%, S 100%, D 2, T 33:44 Grade: B+ / Difficulty: B- Who's Who
  14. E4M9 Terror (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I ???%, S 67%, D 0, T 39:16 Grade: C+ / Difficulty: C+ It seems the names are getting more and more incongruous with the maps they represent, ha-ha. Not saying there's no challenge in this map, but not much by way of atmosphere or heavy opposition as the name might suggest. At any rate, the one time i was in trouble was in an ambush of a few Pinkies and Imps which for a while got me surrounded badly and had i not had a good amount of excess health, i would have easily died, losing almost 90 HPs. Other than the, the combat is nice, the enemy count is quite high and there's strength in numbers as they used to say. The progression is quite unintuitive, i forgot for a while the NW YSK door i'd come across earlier, but was sort of guided to the right direxion by new enemies in old areas. i stumbled upon the Backpack (i liked this one, funny) and BFG secrets by accident (can't say at all if this was well designed or not in my opinion because no idea what opened it - generally though secrets that open in some random place by some linedef, or whatever, aren't my favourites), and couldn't figure out how to access the Soulsphere, obviously having missed the one time opportunity to get it that i now read about. i thought it would have to be related to the central platform in the hall behind the YSK, but that turned out not to be a secret at all. When playing i assumed a face i shot in the western route on the side of the temple had something to do with it, but i actually think more likely the teleport to it was available the whole time. At any rate, i entirely miss the point of the switch on the platform to open the side bars of the looting area. Not my favourite map, don't know how i feel about much of it, but it wasn't unpleasant to go through, even if i didn't really know where i was going most of the time. The aesthetics were clean and well done, with imposing architecture and good-looking decorations (as perfectly exemplified by Book Lord's images). i only remembered to take one picture. Confusing, but at least i was able to put the BFG to good use with the first Baron of Hell of the episode. And sorry, i forgot to press record on the video. Who's Who
  15. E4M2 Vile Affections (HMP, continuous, blind): K 100%, I 72%, S 75%, D 2, T around 46mins Grade: B- / Difficulty: C Pt2 with more search for the secrets: Who's Who