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  1. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice (Dev Thread)

    I am scared. O heck yeah! Fuck yeah, Engired is back! Woohoo, cool! Thanks for making it!
  2. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice (Dev Thread)

    Name: A Quiet Homecoming Mapper: Peccatum Mihzamiz Music: Wind sound from http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ Category: Nice Gimmicks used: Some Doommas Doomcute!, 11 Mall Santas!, A Snowy Cave or Canyon, Use the bunnies from the pack! Mapping time: 53 minutes Difficulty settings: no (not applicable) Co-op starts: yes Comments: Doomguy goes home for Christmas, looking forward to see his parents and the rest of his family again. Merry Christmas everybody! File download Name: The Bloody Morning After Christmas Mapper: Peccatum Mihzamiz Music: tbd (will add a track in v02) Category: Naughty Gimmicks used: A Bone Closet in a Trick Door!, Seven Brainy Spiders! Mapping time: 1:13 Hours Difficulty settings: yes, plus some co-op stuff Co-op starts: yes, and also softlock bypass stuff Comments: From the wreckage of your home you swear to make those demons pay for killing your family and ruining Christmas! Good thing your parents were gun nuts, and hey is that their storage room? File download
  3. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    My map for 200 Line Christmas
  4. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    12 Maps I Loved This Year

    Thank you! *happy cry emoji*
  5. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    2023 Cacowards

    Now that PiƱa Colada has won I can reveal the true reason why it won! Here's the screenshot that reveals the big conspiracy behind it all!
  6. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    2023 Missed Cacowards - Any WADs you'd like to share?

    This was published too late to contend with this year's Cacowards. Jamal Jones got a very lovely write-up in the 2022 Cacowards. It's also still not finished as of today. Who knows what will happen next year? It's not done yet. I'm sure it'll get mentioned in 2024, I'm also really looking forward to it! 32 Maps even, it was a full megawad! O well, who knows. We still have to release the standalone resource pack for others to make Valentine's Day stuff with in the future. Who knows if this ultimate expression of PUSS love will get a mention then ;)
  7. Getting a golden Cacoward: pretty good. Getting a 'NICE MAP BRO TIER' award from a Cacoward jury member on the 10th of December: priceless!
  8. Beauty can be found in many things. The sudden scent of a flower, light shining through the clouds, your pet nuzzling you. Sometimes it can be found in 32 people screaming at each other in a discord server, all frantically making maps, writing music, making art and keeping track of it all!
  9. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    There was a sudden megawad made in the past few hours by @Clippy and 31 other folks from his server. All 32 maps were made in 30 seconds each, and people quickly made graphics and music for it as well. Here's the ENDOOM I made for it. The word 'screams' blinks.
  10. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    The song is called 'Two Pina Coladas', by Garth Brooks.
  11. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    2023 Cacowards

    Happy birthday Doom and congratulations to everyone that got a Caco or a mention! This truly is an enormous mapping scene with a gargantuan body of scintillating work. So many great write-ups, so many great wads I hadn't had a chance to look at yet. Here's to 30 more years *raises glass* Also: my first Golden Caco, woohoo!
  12. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    ENDOOM I made for PUSS 32: D-30. 35 Different mappers on that project in total!
  13. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Working on my own Ultimate Doom map set. It'll just be one episode, with a unique twist. This is sector art of John Carmack, as can be seen in one of the maps.
  14. @OverflowingMocha and @CBM, since we have map slots 3, Secret Map 31, and map slot 4, shall we be in contact and make some kind of nice transition between our three maps? We might include the last building of a map as the first building of the next map for instance. Or some other connection.
  15. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    ZDS #847 - Quoth The Raven

    Wishing you folks lots of fun! I'm glad I built co-op teleporters and added large amounts of extra monsters and ammo to my maps but have to apologize in advance for the 3D bridge ;). I hope me and others involved with the project will be able to join in!