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  1. 'Make the Yuletide Slay' version 2 -fixed one of the secrets not working as intended -added a tiny bit of ammo and health after the forest fight File
  2. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    I NEED your votes - [Age of Empires DOOM]

    Looks nice, voted!
  3. Map Name: Make the Yuletide Slay Author: Peccatum Mihzamiz Story: In this map I make several refences to pre-Christian December winter festivities. Poor Santa does not do so well in this map. Well done though... Muhahahahaha! Music: 5 tracks. We start with the traditional 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and then continue to others. I'll write all of them down later. Sky: Default Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Yes, implemented, including co-op. Number of monsters: 199 on UV Build Time: I have no idea. I was fixing and balancing in between and had an insane amount of broken sectors in the forest. I spent hours here getting stuff fixed. But besides that I also went over the deadline normally. I spent perhaps... 10,5 hours making this map, excluding all the fixing and breaking. Voodoo Scripts: One for the ending, one does something to the Doomcute and a battle, one moves some floors around, one for another battle. Doomcute: 3 of them, in the last hall next to each other. You'll see. Comments: I'm very proud of this map. I didn't know what to do for a long time, and then suddenly everything clicked and I knew what I wanted to make. Things of course changed along the way. File (updated to version 2 on December 7th 2021) Screenshots:
  4. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Digit Texture Pack - Development Thread [BETA TESTERS WANTED]

    This sounds interesting. I'll gladly take a look! Peccatum Mihzamiz. Been Dooming since the summer of 2020. Started mapping one year ago. Many PUSS projects and one map for Ray Mohawk 2. My favourite platform? Depends on what it's for. But I'm okay with all the options. I don't have a favourite texture.
  5. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA v2.2 Release out now!]

    The Forgotten Offering version 2 -added some indicators and progression aides after testing.
  6. Update to my bonus map -added 4 Deathmatch starts (even though the map is in no way balanced for it. I have no experience with it) -added a dozen more co-op only monsters -added those extra pillar-move-up-and-down lines
  7. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA v2.2 Release out now!]

    Update to two maps and finally an upload of a map that was almost finished when the deadline passed, and was allowed to be submitted later. Update: Joy of the Blood of the Stars version 4 Changed: quite a few tiny tweaks and fixes. Still didn't add difficulty to everything I think. Update: Lightning Over the Beyond version 7 Changed: lots of fixes to progression, lots of rebalancing. Added difficulty levels. Map Name: The Forgotten Offering Author: Peccatum Mihzamiz Music: One track by myself, and a temporary track by stewboy that will be changed later. Sky: OSKY32 and OSKY06 from OTEX Format: UDMF GZDoom Difficulty Settings: Not yet implemented Build Time: about 12 hours, with quite a few extra hours to fix everything Monster Count: 1?????? Jumping/Crouching/Mouselook: not needed Known Issues: sometimes the portals towards one of the Northern areas don't work. They seem to be fine right now. Screenshots: Link to the file, version 2
  8. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

    Category 2 Demo recorded on DSDA Doom v0.19.0, with complevel 9. Dead at 33:26 on MAP04, with 17 kills. (Finished MAP03 at 32:31) A day after recording this demo I went back to MAP04, pistol started and... died at least two dozen more times in the opening of the map. No way in hell would I have made it past this point :p. After surviving the opening section, the rest of the map surprisingly went by without any more deaths, even saveless. Ingenious denial of safe areas in the beginning. Demo link
  9. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    (wip) doom 4 (1.0) monsters sprites wad overdose edition

    Hey there, what's the status on your sprites? I've seen cool little snippets of progress here and there and was hoping you could perhaps give us another update in this thread. The stuff I've seen looks good and perhaps I would like to do a project with it.
  10. The co-op playthrough with Doomkid and several of the mappers was amazing! And we discovered a few remaining bugs that we can address. @Doomkid could you perhaps have a look at that wall with the missing texture, at about 3:20:18 into the video?
  11. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    @muumi That texturing and lighting looks absolutely fantastic! The ceiling plus corresponding light on the floor reminds me a lot of Sunlust. Looking forward to playing this!
  12. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    Thanks @FEDEX! I updated the post with the map!
  13. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    Map: Forest of Hidden Screams Author: Peccatum Mihzamiz Music: Nuisances Unknown - @Doomkid. From community MIDI project .MID the way id did. Sky: no sky Format: Doom I Boom, tested with DSDA 19.0. Difficulty Settings: Yes, including co-op Build Time: 3 hours plus fixing Gimmicks: 3 Barons, 13 Barrels, 13 secrets Comments: 2nd map for this project. I actually started this map over completely, after having gone way over the time limit in a previous iteration. Known Issues: 1 slime trail that I've tried my best to remove but won't just go away. File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/s1w40wbj50q4fum/Peccatum_Mihzamiz_Forest_of_Hidden_Screams_v02.wad/file
  14. Stream starts in about one hour. Send me a DM if you're a mapper and want to be part of it! Twitch link.
  15. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Dwars and Decino talk with Sandy Petersen