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  1. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Coming Soon... for this December's Pineapple Under the Sea Studios (PUSS) project.
  2. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    Solar Struggle is a 4 Episode community project led by ViolentBeetle. The four episodes loosely form a story together.
  3. Congratulations everybody! The maps in this project are astounding and truly inspiring! Glad to have been a part of this.
  4. Version 5 of my map. I tried my best with the bridges but it eludes me. I rebuilt the two defective ones and still couldn't get them to work. Could I ask you to have a go at it?
  5. Ah yeah, didn't count on the monsters blocking the hallway stuff, sorry. Will fix that asap and send you the updated file. Thanks for clarifying again! I'll try to do the birdges once more but am not sure I'll be succesful. Tried it before and couldn't get it fixed.
  6. Version 4 of 'Inner City Evil'. Fixed all the co-op softlocks (I hope), added a bit more health towards the end on UV, added some more co-op monsters and did a few more tiny changes. Added some decorations to the street. @Doomkid I would like to take you up on your offer to double check and fix all of the bridges if needed. The ones that I've seen have issues are around the sectors tagged with number 43, 59, and possibly 107 and 108. Other bridges can be found at tags 41, 42, 44 and 109. They seem to always work but checking can't hurt. Also: in the zip file I've included a texture called PMDOOR. It's a texture used in the three rooms that the co-op players spawn in. Could I ask you to include this texture in the wad? That will make things clear to co-op players, I think.
  7. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Custom palette not working correctly in prboom+

    I tested the resource pack and I only got these errors in prboom+, not in glboom. No idea why though. I'm not that familiar with software/hardware stuff.
  8. Hi there @Doomkid! I've been working on fixes for my map, and other little things that were suggested to me. I think the only stuff I still couldn't get fixed was the bridges. I'll shoot you an updated version of my map in the next few days and would indeed be greatful if you could fix the bridges for me.
  9. Looking for a sprite artist for a Doom II project of mine and @myolden!


    We're making an entire Valentine's Day texture replacement, and we're also changing some sprites. We're looking for somebody to replace the Pain Elemental + Lost Soul. Let me know if you're interested!

    If you want to help with the project in any other way: let us know!



  10. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Sumo arena from my map 'Sizzling Sumos Suntanning', for a certain upcoming community project.
  11. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    [CL-9] NapsNoWadMo

    Congratulations! Cool stuff! A lot of nice creative touches, especially for a first wad! And I absolutely adore the art.
  12. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    [MBF21, WIP] Sepia

  13. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I made a haunted castle as part of the HUB map for PUSS: Anniversary Under the Sea
  14. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    This is the spooky season. What spooky WADs are there to play?

    Three spooktacular wads for Halloween: Trick and Tear I: Trick and Tear II: Trick and Tear III: Zombie edition (in progress, RC1 will be released around Halloween)