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  1. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Love it! What project be this?
  2. My map works in Chocolate Doom, woohoo! I just run into the 'savegame buffer overrun' error...
  3. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    I had a lot of fun playing this! Gorgeous map! Very much looking forward to more updates!
  4. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    Finished testing Episode 4, check it out over here. Please add difficulty levels folks :) @Jacek Bourne please, no obligatory two-shot Cyberdemon at the start of your map. It's just a middle finger to the player right now: 'lol git gut n00b or you can't play my map'. Probably only 10% of players are going to be able to two-shot so I wouldn't do this. And don't forget that over half of the players who will ever play this mapset will not necessarily know the cheat codes to skip to the next map, so the work by all the mappers after you will go unseen by many players. Also: the map doesn't look Hellish to me at all. The whole thing feels like it caters to a very tiny part of the Doom community and I think that is not the best thing for this megawad. It's a cool map but this is a community project about Hell, not a closed project for very difficult slaughter maps that is targeting Sunder enthusiasts. And I also tested Episode 5, check it out over here. Please add difficulty levels folks :) Wow, over 12 hours of testing all the maps. This megawad was great! I enjoyed it immensely. I have some real favourites: maps by @notTyrone, @muumi, @finnks13, @Danlex and @Pierrot come to mind. There were also some maps that I both loved and hated at the same time like those by @Steve88 and @BoxY, really amazing stuff! Happily surprised by your last map in the set @Walter confetti, that map is just a perfect little jem. Many other weird or perfect little or bigger maps by mappers like @Yumheart, Heich and @Matacrat. Amazing work getting all of this together @Death Bear and a big thanks to all the others that have been working hard on it behind the scenes! Looking forward to future PUSS projects and hoping to see all these mappers (yes, really all of them) return to make many more cool things! Please have a look at my playthrough. Even if you don't agree with any of my comments: I might have found some practical stuff like misalignments, floors that should be damaging but are not etc.. And if possible: approach another tester to also have a look at your map, just to get some more input to make your map even better!
  5. Version 3 download -Added co-op stuff. -Lots of tiny adjustments and quality of life stuff edit: @dmdr I agree on the lackluster combat in the big sections of the plane. Even to me it almost feels 'perfunctory' in a way. Fortunately the few playtesters I watched playing it live on stream seemed to have an average or above experience while fighting in the plane. The combat not dampening their experience. Unfortunately I don't see how I can improve it effectively. Things like teleporting a few monsters behind the player indeed seems to be an option but wouldn't necessarily help much livening up the overall constraints of the arena I think. If you or anybody else has any ideas I'm all ears. Otherwise I will be ok with the experience of the entire map as it is, not-perfect combat included.
  6. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    I continued with Episode 3 and also tested the first two maps of Episode 4. All on HMP. Have a look over here. Note to self: add difficulty settings to one of my own maps and make myself an even happier gamer!
  7. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    I tested Episode 1 on HMP, check it out over here. I also tested Episode 2 and part of Episode 3 on HMP, check it out over here. Nice stuff! Please make Pecca an even happier gamer and include difficulty settings.
  8. Peccatum Mihzamiz

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I made a thing:
  9. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    Also, didn't one of the maps have an even edgier name? edit: nvm I found Antichrist's boner
  10. Peccatum Mihzamiz


    I would like to nominate this wad for the Cacoward for 'Most Edgy Map Titles'. Also: I hadn't yet realized your cubs had made another PUSS map @Death Bear. Heck Yeah!
  11. I set out to make a small map. As is tradition. It spiraled out of control. As is tradition...
  12. @xvertigox With version 1.3 the music on my map seems to be overwritten by the music in the resource pack. Would you like us to manually add the music to UMAPINFO or something like that? Or is that something you will do? Right now I just renamed my midi 'D_RUNNIN' and all of a sudden without warning it has been superseded. I will have a look at the skies as soon as possible. It's an unwelcome surprise when the resource pack gets changed and I find out the music is different when a tester has already started my map and it's too late to change it. The same goes for the sky: if it doesn't look the way the mapper was expecting it to look, the tester will get an inaccurate experience. In my case a tester that is supposed to
  13. Map 'Coffee Break' 'Rush 2 Coffee' updated to version 2 -Added the MIDI -Did a few tiny fixes, all of them quality-of-life or small cosmetic stuff -Changed map title to 'Rush 2 Coffee' File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eskycfgd9zi743x/Peccatum_Mihzamiz_Coffee_Break_v2.wad/file File (updated to version 3): https://www.mediafire.com/file/z885lumhvox9ei7/Peccatum_Mihzamiz_Coffee_Break_v3.wad/file
  14. No problem at all. Thank you for playing the map, glad you liked it :D!
  15. Did you try loading the map with the resources provided in the first post of this thread? Resources go first, then the map.