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Peccatum Mihzamiz

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About Me

Professional musician, beginning Doom mapper. 
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I started mapping in October 2020 and have so far contributed to many community projects, while also tinkering away at several personal small and big maps, none of which have been published yet.

Besides mapping I have also increasingly been involved with behind-the-scenes work on several projects: giving creative input, coordinating testing, helping lots of mappers with mapping questions and doing PR stuff.

I made 28 maps and 3 MIDIs for the following community projects:



Two tracks for .MID the way id did, where we made a full Doom II MIDI replacement:

And one track for The Ultimate MIDI Pack, where I made a MIDI replacement of E3M3:


A map for Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc:

I made one square for Angry Quilt 2

Three maps for PUSS XII - Trick and Tear 2

Eight maps for PUSS XI - Anniversary Under the Sea

Five maps for PUSS X - Summer of Slaughter


Four maps for PUSS VII - March of the Speeddemons

Two maps for PUSS VIII - Adventures of Square edition:

One map for PUSS IV - Christmas edition. This was my first map ever :).

One map for Abyssal Speedmapping Session 52:

I made two sections for We draw it, we map it. This is a community project where 25 people each sketched a section for a map, and then were randomly assigned someone else's section to map: