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  1. DOOM 2: MAP02 in 1:16.31 and MAP03 in 34.77, both UV-Speed. d202v011631.zip d203v003477.zip
  2. DOOM 2 MAP01 UV-Speed in 6.97. Hope I'm doing this right. I'm not very good at this. :P d201v697.zip
  3. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Hehe yeah, it was just a thought. I happen to be one of those weirdos who actually likes The Chasm, but holy hell revealed I would not want to slog through it with a keyboard that's in a mood. :P Also, unless you're a saveless puritan I would just save scum the last part of the stage. Inescapable pits are dumb as they are (exceptions may apply) but Sandy put it at the end of the level...
  4. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    For The Chasm you could use mouse movement for the narrow ledges. Not exactly ideal but if your keyboard is unreliable it might be the lesser of evils. It's been a while since I ran through DOOM 2 but I think you can clear the room(s) before attempting the ledges?
  5. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Nintendo are being jerks again

    I try to keep in mind that the developers are not the one making business decisions. I don't know this to 100% be the fact, but that's usually how it goes. Almost every developer wants as much attention drawn to their games as possible, one only needs to look at basically any other game company to see that. :P
  6. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    ...Only because I just complained about it. I have no idea whether or not this is considered a hard level or not, but I sure struggled with it more than any other Rush map so far. Feelin' good. ^^ (I left the Megasphere room for last because I usually got wrecked when climbing the "ladders" during practice)
  7. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    That's MAP10 Onslaught. Easily the hardest Plutonia level from a pistol start if you elect not to sequence break for the SSG early. I also completed Plutonia UV-Max saveless the other week, and I was sort of proud of it. Especially that I only had one death on Go 2 It, no practice at all. After that, however, I've done Scythe maps 01-29 (Fire & Ice is an absolutely stupid difficulty jump, I haven't even finished gathering all practice saves yet) and been working on Rush in the meanwhile, but am fairly fucking stuck on MAP09 - The Lava Heart (I think). Best I've done is ~80% of all monsters. I do get this burning sensation in the back of my head and agonizing frustration tearing at every nerve, so I think it's because I'm attempting things that I'm just barely not capable of, so I guess I'm playing things that are just the right level of practice for me. :) I do get fairly furious at BFG tracers not locating Arch-Viles like I tell them to, though. No matter the fondness of my embrace. Just have to fight my urge to give up! I'm not exactly known for my patience, rather the lack thereof. I do want to attempt stuff like Sunlust, but I so easily forget that I've had ~20 years of on-and-off DOOM practice which got me to the level where I'm at now, so I shouldn't expect to clear hard stuff over a weekend, I s'pose. Thank the heavens that a couple of Rush' MIDIs are absolute bangers. They get me through a few attempts on their own. Oh! But a thing I actually completed this week which I am super-giddily proud of is the Master Levels. What a shitshow of a map collection, but it wasn't fully as bad as I feared. Kind of like saying "that poop doesn't smell as bad as they said it would." With that and Plutonia in the bag I've completed all commercial DOOM maps with my "ruleset" which is kind of a cool milestone. :)
  8. Cinnamon Killjoy

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Advanced pong? Yeah mine is boring, I know. :P
  9. I played Fava Beans a year or two ago because it's mentioned in the "WAD Progression for Skill Improvement" thread, and I decided for myself to do them in order, skipping the ones I've already done.
  10. I'm fairly sure I dipped my toes into a few WADs before getting the DOOM bug for real. The first one I remember completing outside of the IWADs (does DOOM 64 count as one?), however, is Pirate DOOM. For some reason that I'm not sure of. I don't really have any relation to the pirate theme at all, but I think it seemed to be so random that I kind of got hooked. After that I stumbled into Alien Vendetta and it was so freaking good. It illustrated for me how much of an improvement the mapping folks have made over the originals that I couldn't, and can't, stop DOOMing. :)
  11. Cinnamon Killjoy

    My progress to getting better at Doom

    It starts to get rough around E3M4, if I remember it correctly. I got stuck on some map with a quadra-Lich ambush or something similar, and decided to give it a break. I'm doing it saveless "pistol"-start, however, so I should probably just blame my own pretentiousness. :P Heretic really is surprisingly fun, though, I thoroughly enjoy it. Not that there aren't a lot of design flaws, but heading into it with low expectations I was pleasantly surprised.
  12. I would just go with Mario because the cognitive dissonance would be beautiful.
  13. Honestly, I don't really understand why e3m2 gets so much hate. Not that I think it's good or anything, it's just that in the entirety of episode 3, there is like one good map and the rest are shite, so Slough of Despair is par for the course. x)
  14. There are a lot of terrible levels out there so it would be a bit redundant to pick one that's so terrible that you know within 30 seconds you're dealing with manure. Though I'm not going to be too original here. While there have been levels that feel unfair in their difficulty (TNT MAP29 is a good example), or too long, or too slaughtery, I can usually appreciate what the map maker was going for even if it's not always my own jam. Subspace from the Master Levels, however, is just crap, and it doesn't even seem as if it's trying to be. It's trying something, but the end result leaves nothing to compliment, and after a while you realize that there's probably not even a single LineDef in the entire map that you wouldn't leave a scathing review for. I hate that map.
  15. Cinnamon Killjoy

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    I would like to be a tester, too. Active/Partial Playtester: Partial, as it's not clear right how much time I'll have available. At least some, though. :) Preferred difficulty: I almost exclusively play UV-Max pistol start saveless, but I am flexible. Number of maps in a set (Max/Min): Depends. 10 "normal"-sized, I suppose. Genres don't like: I don't mind trying out any type of WAD, but please be up front with what it is so that I can assess it correctly. Preferred souce ports: GZdoom, PrBoom+. Refused source ports: I guess I don't refuse to use other ports, but I have no experience with them. Demos or written comments: I'd say writing, mostly, but as long as the level isn't long or requires saving I can submit a demo too. Contact (Personal forum thread/ Private message): PM me here or add me on Discord: Cinnamon#0289.