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  1. Who is this guy and why hes following me?

  2. Well, there goes his icon and cover. Reelvonic is a mystery in this community now.

  3. So, after Reelvonic joined my Discord server, I learnt things about him

    and they were no good.

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    2. Teo Slayer

      Teo Slayer

      @Pyborg sadly yes, it's real. At first, I thought he was a cool guy too but after he joined my server, it turned out that his true self was no good

    3. pyborg


      @Teo Slayer, that really sucks. I'm not sure what to say but I guess I'll say this: I hope that someday, he will come to regret his actions, and come forward to apologize. Until that day comes(If it even does), I'll simply just unfollow him, and move on. Not much else I can really do other than that though. Like I said before, I really hope that he improves.

    4. JacenXYZ


      @Teo Slayer Good thing I did not fall in his trap.

  4. A thing I've noticed is that doom vanomy is shut down, what happened to reelvonic?

    1. Paf


      I don't know.

      If they hosted it off of his own computer, they might have shut it down for cost or something.

    2. openxt


      I asked him on his channel and he said he stopped paying

    3. Paf


      Oh, that makes sense then.

  5. hey dude i really hope you are ok dont do anything stupid

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    2. roadworx




      what a weird thing to be banned for

    3. omx32x


      just so were clear here he had 11 warning points i dont think all of them were fair but im not challenging any of the moderatos with this statement but the reason he was banned was because of that

    4. roadworx


      ohhhhhh okay, now it makes sense lol

  6. Reelvonic

    6 years of Doom sobriety.... what have I missed?

    https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ Edit: also welcome back
  7. Reelvonic

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    cute little avatar also @URROVA im planning on changing the doom 64 mancubi's outfit and/or activity each day. because hey its fun
  8. Reelvonic

    Doomworld now has 30K members

    if i had motivation and wasnt so depressed all the time i could mirror the idgames archive, and make it more user friendly with the ability to comment and whatnot, but until then i enjoy plain ol' ftp lol
  9. Reelvonic

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    he looks concearned, or like he just stubbed his toe and his brain hasnt registered the pain yet
  10. Reelvonic

    Doomworld now has 30K members

    if im correct im pretty sure there was this one dude who simply asked if they would ban him lol
  11. Reelvonic

    Doomworld now has 30K members

    yeah i guess so
  12. Reelvonic

    Doomworld now has 30K members

    but does it really count if more than half arent active, and havent posted in at least 2 years?
  13. Reelvonic

    Can you make large text?

    huh. damn, i dont use it much except for the occasional reference, i assumed it was good for beginners but it never really looked into it edit: shit, now this is my last post
  14. Reelvonic

    Can you make large text?

    yeah same. this thread could probably be closed now, idk?
  15. Reelvonic

    Can you make large text?

    Also if your ever interested in html W3schools is a good place to learn html amongst other languages