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  1. There is no doubt youve seen this image before. its everywhere. classrooms, games, the internet in general. but where did it come from and why are there so many variations.

    that is what im going to find out.

    the image is this


    a simple cow shrouded in mystery
    with tineye we can see the image goes back to the year 2009, maybe even older

    one of the oldest results i have found is a user called milkcow500 https://www.overclock.net/members/milkcow500.71741/
    there profile pic is blank, but maybe in the past it was this image

    i searched google for the name milkcow500

    i get results but not what i need.
    back to the start

    but from tineye's milkcow500 result
    it did say the image was called avatar71741_1.gif
    ive found a site called http://www.clker.com/clipart-23284.html with the cow
    and it has its variations such as image.png.e4b504b36e3316f3c6378bf68c3f17f2.pngimage.png.5819d8e3efb2cf948b7e74695c83f5ca.pngimage.png.ef6834f9e6787d1e70dead20a4eda6ed.png

    the cow though was linked to a profile named ocal http://www.clker.com/profile-1068.html

    (note to self: possible early cow prototype image.png.c3dfbeba4da19725f539e0a86fb40b11.png)

    it seems a lot of derivitives of the cow have thick black circles around the eyes like image.png.ec6b1ef207442bfbb706b9f91491bf3f.png

    it seems the other animal versions image.png.e4b504b36e3316f3c6378bf68c3f17f2.pngimage.png.5819d8e3efb2cf948b7e74695c83f5ca.pngimage.png.ef6834f9e6787d1e70dead20a4eda6ed.png

    are also by ocal. if this man was the creator then holy crap, but i still am looking in just too be sure

    (also just so i remember the link http://www.clker.com/uploads-1068-1249.html


    (btw ive now linked it back to at least 2008


    ocals page links to openclipart

    wich has the cow Cartoon cow - Openclipart

    uploaded about 6 days before ocal's 


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    2. wof8317


      I've seen a lot of my classmates at school play this when CoolMath was a thing (I remember being introduced to it when I was in the Third Grade), myself included. I would love to find out more about the characters I see above.

    3. EtherBot


      this is some hard hitting journalism

    4. Reelvonic


      @wof8317 after some research(looking at shit kids gameing sites for doom ripoffs lol) i found this


      this could be a lead