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  1. How weird, I can't attach pictures, it says "Uploaded failed", is it just me?

    1. omalefico32x


      maybe you filled the 50mb limit?

    2. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      Not that I remember, like it starts to upload but then it stops, and says that there was a problem processing the file. What's funny is that I don't see the limit size. Again, it's weird

    3. omalefico32x


      thats so weird well try to talk about this with one of the admins

  2. I like this "remix" from Monsters Vs. Aliens, sounds rather nice


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    2. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      In B.O.B. we trust.

    3. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      In B.O.B we trust.

    4. Plats


      In B.O.B we trust.

  3. I finally managed to build crispy-doom v.5.10.1 for ubuntu from source! I have no idea how many packages I downloaded, but I did it! The problem is that I have to use Steam to launch it, because I'm a noobie and don't know how to launch the binaries.

    1. Reelvonic


      pretty cool tho

  4. Hello, great followers, I was playing TNT: Evilution and The Ultimate Doom, and I decided to record some attempts of pretty well known tricks.


    TNT's Map 11: Arch-vile jump to grab the megasphere, and I actually managed him to kill himself with his splash damage


    E2M6's Void glide: I didn't finish the level, but I managed to do the void glide.


    Here are the demos:

    Lol 6's random demos.zip



    1. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      Hopefully they won't desync

  5. imagen.png.100d12a230f53aa4e42d72797dc287c2.png

    10000 damage? Holy crap

  6. Well, here it is, my website, it's empty for now, but I'll upload stuff soon


  7. Hi there, you awesome followers. I'm currently creating a google website where I'll upload some demos that may or may not be uploaded to the DSDA. I'll leave the link when I'm finished, you'll also find the link in my YouTube channel.

  8. It's a cover is spanish, I just want to know you're opinion (It's not mine, it's from la wea astral, pretty good)


  9. imagen.png.847d9d7c6f41ded1bc8ae7d37f5393ec.png

    1. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      ducino talked to me. I cannot believe it

  10. I love heretic

  11. Hi there, I'm currently working in a comented walkthrough of Freedoom phase 1. In a couple days I'll upload to YouTube the first chapter, and I would like to know your opinions about the video :) (you know, when it's uploaded)

  12. Thank you so much for following me, though I'm not an interesting person. I follow you because you're awesome.




    Thanks a lot!

  13. I'm thinking of starting a comented playthrough of Freedoom, both phase 1 and 2. That way I can help people to finish the levels while you hear my ugly voice hehe. What do you think?

  14. I cannot believe it. decino answered me

    And yes, my real name is hector, I am from Mexico so I use the spanish keyboard



  15. I used to believe that playing DOOM with an XBOX 360 controller was hard. But nope, It's not that hard, although I'm still getting used to the controls.

  16. Has any of you guys have tried the vsmooth wad? I think it is awesome.

  17. I love the freedoom proyect, it has it's charm.

  18. I just saw my demos on the DSDA, I didn't think they would be uploaded.

  19. I finally have the original wad files, I will use them for my demos now