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Status Updates posted by xX_Lol6_Xx

  1. Cursed frame in HeXen, don't ask what they're doing.




    1. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      Man, wait until someone makes a mod out of it, the same way they did with doomguy and imp

    2. Naarok0fkor
  2. Guess I like 80s J-pop now




    1. rouge_means_red


      What do you recommend?

  3. So, after thinking it about it for the last couple weeks, I've decided to stop frequenting Doomworld.


    Even though I've only been here for about two to three years, I feel I've spend more time doing really nothing on the forums rather than in things that are actually important, like hanging out with my family, maybe make some new friends and focus on my faith, school and overall life. Let's face it: In the forums I'm a big nobody, I never contributed to anything outside maybe a couple of speedruns and some demo recordings for Jamal Jones, and maybe a couple wads I playtested, I take without giving anything in return, I know it's completely ridiculous to complain about not being someone big on web forum centered around a 30 year old game, but really, after speaking with someone I've realized I gain nothing out of comparing myself with more successful people, plus recently I've felt a bit depressed and reflexive about what to do with my life and how being tied to a computer is giving me nothing but bad emotions and habits.


    So I'm trying to get rid of my distractions to focus on productive, and while I wouldn't necessarily call it an addiction, I've realized after seeing my post count that, again, I think I've spend more time doing really nothing other than existing here and wasting internet bandwidth than doing anything productive. I know it's an issue with myself, which is what I'm trying to correct before I regret it. I've also realized I've tried to make up my lack of social life with the internet and the forums, which as you might guess is not healthy. Not to mention a certain argument I had with someone here (a year ago?) in which I was completely humiliated, I really wanted to delete my account in that moment out of rage and shame but hey, that really is on me for being a complete ignorant and not knowing about what I'm talking about. You can look it up if you want, I honestly wouldn't care less. That's not saying I had an awful time in the website, I actually had lots of fun posting my PBs and posting in those role-play threads , but I can't certainly treasure those fake moments as much as the real life and things that actually matter.


    So yeah, I've already deleted my login info from my password manager, and by the time you read this, I'll also be logged out. I've also gone ahead and deleted most of the pictures containing my name, real face or that, looking back at them, really are cringe. I can't be sure nobody has already downloaded them or if an archive exists online because it's the internet, what gets uploaded stays uploaded. Don't even try to contact me on Discord or Steam or anything like that because I've already made up my mind and hopefully I won't regret this decision (Plus I don't use Discord anymore). Although quite honestly I can't imagine a single scenario of anyone telling me to come back.


    So thanks for sticking around, you seem like good people even though I can't know that unless I met you in person. I may still visit the site from time to time but only to download any wad I'm interested in or to look up some little information, so don't expect any new posts or uploads from me. Feel free to stop following me, and give that follow to someone else


    May God bless you all, and have a nice day.


    xX_Lol6_Xx out, and logged off.

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    2. El Juancho

      El Juancho

      Espero que te vaya mejor, un abrazo.

    3. 1Destro3456


      Si vuelves, espero que estes mejor que en ese momento

    4. xX_Lol6_Xx


      Good evening/Morning or whatever. Thank you for the kind comments <3

  4. Battle of the century, featuring D'sparil, The Heresiarch and a messed up pallete :O


    1. Biz!


      literally what caused this, what did you do.

    2. xX_Lol6_Xx


      Loaded Heretic with HeXen as a Pwad. Heretic's palettes get messed as (I think) HeXen's take preference.

  5. Question for the speedrunners that follow me, in HeXen is it normal to be auto-telefragged while recording a demo?

  6. All right, after TWO FUCKING DAYS of fighting with my bios and grub, I'm proud to post this little pic.


    Once again, goodbye SoystemDTM

  7. image.png.6a3a5c37b28d3de7ce16cdf2dd456c87.png:-)

    Edit: Changed pic, think this one looks better.

  8. Hey there! Welcome to Doomworld.

    I see you've created three threads with almost the same exact topic. You may want to use the search tool instead of creating a new thread. Most of the time, the topic has already been discussed, so it's best to contribute in an existing thread. Be sure not to bump threads that are more than 3 months dead unless you have something important to say.

  9. Have you ever downloaded a 1103 pages pdf?

  10. Yay, I messed up my Artix install, so I'm back on Arch. Bruh.

  11. Quote


    Sometimes I wish I took the blue pill.

    1. NoisyVelvet


      Swallow both at the same time and take the Purple Pill.

    2. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai
  12. Dang, really good stuff

  13. Quote

    Hey you know i just asked a question it's a simple yes or no no need to get all offended

    Don't want to RTFM you, but you had asked extremely obvious questions that are answered in a readme, the thing is, u need to know how to ask questions correctly instead of spamming thousands of little things. This ain't Discord :|

  14. Quote

    look dude just cause your rank is "DoomWiki Editor/Donator" or whatever and im not doesn't mean you can be a cyberbully to me or anyone

    it's not right be a good sport son okay...

    Asking you to stop spamming questions in threads isn't cyberbullying tho...

  15. Time to learn some Doom Emacs!


  16. Hello there, my beloved followers


    With all my heart I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may god bless you, your families and friends <3

    1. G-FORCE


      Merry Christmas DUDE 


  17. Begone SystemD! Now my best friend is OpenRC


  18. 613467261_Awesomewmrice.png.9c177e359493a514ebfeb539d44eb4fb.png

    The sign of very late stage linux autism: Arch +  A window manager

  19. Nice amount of used space, if I do say so myself.


    Nice amount of used space.png

  20. First time I update Arch


    Nothing broke! Yay! :D

    1. omx32x


      you using arch now? nice

  21. Just dropping a nice neofetch ;-)


    Btw now I use arch linux



  22. So, I decided to take advantage of the discount in Doom games and bought Doom 3. It's my first time and man, what a game

  23. You guys remember Back 4 Blood?